5 Top Tips & Tricks to Design a Strategy for Successful Digital Marketing

5 Top Tips & Tricks to Design a Strategy for Successful Digital Marketing

by jeslin July 01, 2016

Digital marketing is smoothly growing with an annual growth rate of around 15%. Marketers the heat as the market space in the digital world is getting competitive day by day. Old practices are dying and getting replaced by new ones. There is greater need of informative, relevant, engaging and useful content. Content that really solves problems and hooks the customer. Most of the companies fail to execute a proper content marketing campaign that generates leads, grows audience and builds your reputation

Stay Data Driven


The data-driven campaign is often the most effective campaign. Many of the startups and established businesses have embraced data-driven plans. This evolutionary adventure of marketing will turn into a revolutionary trend in 2016 and beyond. Data is required to get certain business objectives and it will also ensure the ROI on your digital marketing spend.

Get to know the most profitable marketing channel

A data-driven strategy will also help in analytics as to which channel is performing better and how to manage your content’s life cycle.

How to collect and use data?

Data can lead you the way to achieve the best results in marketing services. First, decide what are your business goals and how would they ensure your success. Look beyond simple print and online ads that we see on TV and newspapers. We don’t always need that big budget exercises. New technologies have empowered us to leverage social media and email marketing to target specific audiences in minimum spend.

Content Engagement


Forget about quality content, Google is now looking for ENGAGING CONTENT.

Check whether content is engaging and has maximum visibility, it will be rewarded by Google. So, apart from quality, your content should also have a higher rate of engagement. It should add so much value that people find themselves compelled to share it.
We are in a digital domain, where engagement and usefulness have a greater edge than quality. So, create a different kind of content that the readers would read, like and share your content.

Views, likes, and shares are the metrics for normal content. For premium content such as ebooks and whitepapers, we use a separate metric to measure its effectiveness and that’s the number of downloads it attracts. Premium content includes white papers, “how to” guides, ebooks, videos, and PPTs.

  • When you create content, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do my readers have reason to share it?
  • Will my content trigger a response?
  • Will my content help me connect with my audience on an emotional level?
  • Will my content withstand the power and volume of “content tornado” on the Internet?

Share Message In Storytelling Format and Visuals

The apt way to communicate your thoughts and message these days is through storytelling and using visuals.

Videos and graphics are the awesome tools to present your story and you can use it on both your blog and social media channels.

You can easily achieve your business goals using this compelling and captivating technique. Featured images and info graphics are quite popular and brands are frequently using them for content marketing.

Here are some useful facts about visual content:

  • Around 50% digital marketers agree that visuals are very important when it comes to content marketing strategies
  • Visual content receives almost 100% more views than content without images
  • More than 75% content strategists are determined to produce more engaging content in 2016.
  • Around 50% marketers are focused on creating visual content this year
  • For majority of marketers, the priority is in this order: A. Blog B. Visual content C. Videos

The Art of Storytelling is an interesting and informative info graphic that will explain how you can introduce the element of storytelling in your content.


Move for Personalized Marketing

You need effective targeting for a successful marketing campaign and personalized marketing is the only way out. Just as 3600 marketing approach, your content should also target different buyer and their specific needs.
What are the buyers keen on in the digital space?

  • They look for the content that is tailored specifically to match their needs.
  • Make sure you target these personas through your content, while you’re armed with data and research.
  • As emphasized above data-driven marketing strategy yields better results and ROI.
  • Offer your audience some personalized experience.
  • And this applies to all the content being distributed on different channels.
  • se the digital ecosystem to always stay on top of your customers’ mind.
  • Engage on social media and send personalized emails.
  • Use emails to engage your prospects on your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Vine etc.
  • Build a loyal audience by keeping them informed.


Empire Your Marketing Efforts

The key to success is not to restrict yourselves to only a few channels. Don’t be lazy. Use different tools and digital platforms to assert your presence in this ever-expanding space of the digital world. It’s also a good idea to use analytics to know where you’re receiving the best results and more revenue. Also, get to know to customer life cycle. Create your campaigns according to buyer journey and buyer personas. Send appropriate messages according to buyer journey.