Email Marketing Tips For Business Generations

Email Marketing Tips For Business Generations

by Simone May 16, 2016

Email Marketing is extremely effective for nurturing your list and generating more sales.Email-Marketings

1. Create A Good Strategy

The success of your email marketing strategy begins with the opt-in experience you give your prospects. The opt-in “experience” on your website needs to be compelling, creative, and even exciting! Get this part right and you’ll have more opt-ins and happier subscribers. Get it wrong, and you risk setting the stage for unsubscribes and lost opportunities.

2. Your Headlines Should Be Catchy

The next step is your headlines. This is what gets someone to click through. It needs to be catchy and relevant and pass any spam guidelines. The last thing you want is your email going straight to the spam box.

3. Your Content Should Be Optimized

Your content needs to be optimized for mobile users. More than 60% of cell phone users access their email here. It’s where our addiction begins. Your emails needs to look good on the big screen as well as the small screen. Most email platforms optimize your emails for you but to be safe, make sure you are using bigger font sizes and nice clear headlines.

4. Start with a monthly email newsletter.
A monthly email newsletter can simply be a direct email from you or a more sophisticated, formatted email with lots of different content. This depends largely on the type of business you’re running and how you communicate with your prospects.

5. Add-on a weekly email newsletter.
Once you start segmenting your list and you know who your most engaged prospects and customers are, you can layer-on a Weekly Email to your most engaged prospects.


If you expect to get good results with your Email Marketing, you need to be sure you’re messaging is always hitting your prospects right between the eyes. you can use gmail features for inbox the mail