by jeslin June 22, 2016

Two months earlier Google began testing a new color in google’s ad tag instead of yellow shade and finally “GOOGLE’S ADWORDS AD TAG GOES GREEN”. Google is moving forward with green ad tag to all countries on all devices.


gooogle ads


During the time when google was testing green color in its ad tag it was in a research of finding a color for organic links. Users reported that during the month of May they have seen black links in google’s result page instead of blue.

Google is always testing for a new look and feel to make the result page user attractive. Another test that is currently going on is a new minimalist look for search results that users have reported seeing from time to time.


green tag

Why For A Change?

According to Google, the change was made because of the  positive feedback from users and advertisers.

Ads that look not like ads are getting clicked more. That’s why advertisers are liking it more. Why users like it more, well it could be that a matching green color is more aesthetically pleasing than the contrasting yellow ad tag.

If you haven’t seen the green ad tags yet, you will soon see that as they’re said to be rolling out to everyone.