Here is how you can successfully build a personal brand on Instagram!

Here is how you can successfully build a personal brand on Instagram!

by Sraddha September 07, 2020
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As we all know, Instagram is now one of the top social media platforms that record an upload of more than a hundred million posts per day. If you are in search of the best social media platform to successfully build a personal brand, Instagram would be the suggestion from most of the reputed and experienced social media marketing companies in Kerala. The reason for this is the fact that Instagram has an active user base of around 1 billion amidst which exists an average of 200 million users who visit and follow at least 1 business profile in a day. What more confirmation do we need to affirm the truth that Instagram is indeed the perfects social media platform for you to engage the virtual presentation of your business!?

Now that we have agreed upon Instagram is the best platform for presenting your business, there are still some aspects on which we should have a clear-cut idea. You have to realize that the act of simply setting up an account on Instagram for your brand is not going to take your business anywhere. It takes the application of certain skills and vibrant thoughts for your personal brand to stand out from thousands of similar accounts.

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Therefore, here we present to you some tips on how you can build a successful personal brand on Instagram:

  • Adding a personal touch matters

If you are intending to grow your personal brand through Instagram, it is important to make sure that you make it feel personal. The trend of portraying professional expertise has already stepped back for the presentation of a personal touch on your account. A perfectly blended portrayal of your professional expertise and personal touch is the key factor that will aid to grow your personal brand through Instagram. Let people view and understand the struggles which you face behind the curtain of the limelight.

  • Be active and engage your audience

Most of the audience on social media platforms lookout for pages and brands that deal with them in a very engaging and alluring way. People would like it very much if they are pampered and engaged as these activities would make them feel that they are also a vital part of your brand. There are so many ways in which you can reflect your active online presence to your audiences such as by the act of constantly sharing stories and thoughts, replying to the comments immediately, queries being handled right away, etc. Engaging with your audience can include ways such as putting up polls, reposting the posts from your customers reviewing your product/service, going live in a regular manner, etc.

  • Hashtags, please!

All of us who own an Instagram account have at least once seen a hashtag. But the fact is that a majority of even the existing users are unaware of the importance and vitality these hashtags have. It is up to you and your creative potential to use the perfect hashtags that will decide the range of assistance hashtags can provide for the growth of the personal brand on Instagram. Make sure that only the best hashtags that symbolize your brand/service is being used to achieve the optimum results. Usage of hashtags would help you in two ways. Your already existing audience would come to see the relevant hashtags that you have used and might replicate the same when they review your brand, thus helping you achieve more audience. The next way in which they can help you to get more reach is by displaying your brand post in hashtag search results by worldwide users.

  • Being authentic counts

Authenticity is something that is respected by most of the audience. Therefore it is indeed a mandatory aspect for you to include as much authenticity as you can in your posts and contents. The style and cohesiveness of your brand are evaluated by your audience through the genuineness that you are able to present on your personal brand on Instagram. Let the actions of your post and its content be always congruent as imitations have always been neglected on social media platforms!

  • Build and nurture your virtual connections

There should not be any reluctance for you to follow other similar personas and brands! Following these accounts are insisted not only because they aid to increase the visibility of your profile/brand but also to nurture and maintain your contact with other like-minded people and brands. This action will for sure help you to improve your own brand also to and also to reinvent your profile in such a way that it reflects solid profiles that are professional too. This particular feature is promoted and encouraged by most of the popular digital marketing companies in Kerala as it has a history of bringing positive results in the process of building a personal brand on Instagram.

  • Tagging other similar brands that are popular

Happiness lies in both kindness and mutual help! You can never expect other brands or companies to support and promote your brand if you never help them. Don’t for at least once let the jealousy factor sink deep within you. Do frequently promote companies and brands, especially the ones with a large number of followers as this will surely help you immensely in getting more audience and thus increase your follower base via their pages and posts.

Now that you have acquired knowledge on how to build your personal brand on Instagram, we hope that it comes in handy to you! Instagram is, without any doubt, the best social media platform that you can make use of for the purpose of building a personal brand.  The informative posts that you can share on this platform related to your brand/service will surely help you achieve more audience and visibility than any other existing social media platforms. The wide opportunities provided by this online platform to showcase your brand and elevate your level of repute are very immense indeed. All it takes for you to be a popular brand on Instagram is to note and carefully apply the above-mentioned features appropriately. And therefore having signed in on Instagram is worth more than just the sharing of memes and celebrity gossips.

The process of conveying ideas and messages is always a two-way process. Share stories with the world and at the same time lend your ears for the world to build yourself a successful and burgeoning personal brand on Instagram. If you ensure the apt usage of these above-mentioned tips, you are already on your way to become “insta famous”!


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