How to build brand authority using content writing

How to build brand authority using content writing

by Dona March 31, 2021
digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala

Thinking of a strategy to uplift your company’s ranking and brand authority?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to achieve this is through quality content. Building up brand recognition and authority has never been an easy task with hundreds of brands popping up in every nook and corner of the city. Standing apart from this group with a good number of reliable customers is a mammoth task. But digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala is here to make this easier for you by employing various strategies.

First and foremost let’s know what is meant by brand authority. Brand authority of a company means how much its customers recognize them as a trustable brand capable of meeting their needs. Building brand authority would bring in many long-term merits including higher sales and higher reputation. Many digital marketing strategies can be used to reach this ultimate goal like social media marketing, SEO, content creation, etc…

As a leading content marketing company in Kochi, we would be pondering upon the question of why to choose content marketing over other strategies. Infographics, podcasts, blogs all come under the broad term content marketing.

Why Content is King in Today’s Marketing?

The first reason to opt for content marketing is that your customers look for it before making a deal. Moreover, it gives you three times as many leads and a fivefold boost in web traffic when compared to other strategies. Content marketing helps you build a real connection with your customers. By offering information within a tap, contents are now playing the role of a bridge that would connect people with various companies. This would in turn help you to create better buying personas and improve your personalization. Great content marketing would help to increase conversion rates too.  To make maximum utilization of this make it a point to add a call to action in your blogs. Thus you can guide them through the next steps rather than leaving them confused not knowing what to do next. Creating excellent content would also bring in new leads for you if you choose your topics, assets, and promotional methods wisely.

The final reason why you should invest in content marketing is that your competitors are already using it. This means that your company would be held back if they provide better services like personalized emails, messages, and sites to provide all information your customers look for.

Answers to your audience’s questions

People today look for instant and accurate answers to their queries. They also tend to rely on websites that offer them this. So if your content marketing is not efficient enough you might be losing many potential customers then and there. By creating content that clarifies all doubts on your customer’s mind you can build authority and awareness about your brand to more and more people. Google search is a huge component that marks the success extent of your content marketing. Google prefers long content with many keywords which would probably have the answer to the user’s query. So finding out what your audience is curious about, most likely to search about, and creating content of this kind is very important.  Performing keyword research and search engine optimization would also help your business greatly.

Creation of contents after detailed research

People tend to trust informative content written after detailed research. When you conduct your own studies and surveys you provide value to your readers as well as unveil new information. Another added advantage of this is you will be frequently quoted by other creators that signal to Google that you are an authority. Also, you can enjoy more media coverage and high-quality backlinks. So find a relevant topic, conduct a good deal of research and be the rising brand!

Using the resources in hand like you’re an in-house team

A company’s success depends largely on its team members and their dedication. Many companies might have highly skilled professionals but their potential may not be used to the maximum. Ask your internal experts to share their knowledge with the public through blog posts or quotes on your website. If your audience begins to trust them they will begin to recognize your brand as an authority. Thus utilizing available resources and potentials can take your company a mile longer!

Highlighting reviews

One of the easiest ways to build brand authority is through reviews and feedback. Anyone can claim that they are the best in the field but many customers would not take it blindly. They would look for third-party opinions before trusting you. What you could do is to approach your reliable customers and ask them for testimonials. Choose among them and add those to your homepage to wipe away any doubts about you in your customer’s mind. You could also add logos of the company’s you have worked with and add journals in which your brand was mentioned. This would tell the user scrolling through your website that trusting us would never be a mistake

Collaboration with other popular brands

If you could bring in collaborations from trusted brands that could improve your brand value and authority. A bit of the credibility of that brand will be transferred to yours as your audience would view you as a friend of an established company. This would also be useful in knowing how their company works and you could share valuable business tactics. Both the parties would benefit as both their brand name would be introduced to a new group of clients that is the loyal customers and followers of both companies. Thus be a helping hand to them and uplift your company too.

Inclusion of videos in your content

Videos are an excellent element to keep your content engaging. Many of your users might find it tiring to read a very long blog in one go. Adding videos to your blog would make the process understanding and enjoyable for your audience. ‘Know-how ‘ and ‘ how to’ videos are the current hits in video marketing. Such videos can also be used in multiple platforms like social media where it has huge reception from people.

Content will always be the King of digital marketing. As a digital marketing company in Kerala what we feel is that brands that neglect its significance today would have to pay a huge price for their negligence. On the other hand, those who already realized its importance and have a good content marketing team are already in lead with better customer data and a better-developed network. But it is never late to catch up!! Act now and invest in content marketing for building brand authority.

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