Instagram Hashtag to Mass Reach

Instagram Hashtag to Mass Reach

by Unnimaya May 14, 2021
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You see Instagram hashtags every day everywhere. But do you know how to use these hashtags on Instagram to get the most value from them?

Hashtags might seem to be a simple thing that does not need much priority but one should always know that hashtags are one of the main aspects of promoting your Instagram.

So why do you use hashtags? Obviously, for more followers. But when you try to use hashtags there may be several questions that can trouble you, like which hashtag can drive more followers? What are the most popular tags? How many hashtags can be used in a single post?

Without understanding these, you can’t use this easy method of getting followers properly. Fortunately, as a Social Media Marketing Company in Kochi, we are here to guide you and help you understand everything that you need to know about the use of hashtags to gain more audiences.

Why using Instagram hashtags?

A person totally new to Instagram might not get the idea of hashtags and what they can actually do. There are reasons why many businesses use hashtags on their post and why they also create their own hashtags. Check out the questions below to understand why hashtags need your undivided attention.

Can Hashtags make it easier for customers to find your content?

The hashtag helps your content discoverable to others easily. You put a great time into posting a picture. You click pictures, select the best picture from that, edit it perfectly, and then comes the most difficult task that is to find the best caption. All these efforts for just gaining more followers.

People can search posts just by searching the hashtags or else tapping related posts of a particular tag. For example, you can go to the search option and search for #healthylunch and you get to see a million posts made by several people regarding healthy lunch.

Hashtags are just like the keywords for search engines. If you neglect the hashtag that means you are making it difficult for your posts to reach potential followers. But, taking a few seconds to find the best hashtags for your posts can make your post discoverable by many.

How can hashtags help in interactions with the audiences?

Followers tend to use hashtags on their posts. This is why many brands promote their own branded hashtags. This helps them to encourage the audiences.

We all know about Loreal Paris which is one of the best-branded products in the world. Loreal India has come up with a #westandup hashtag. They also feature people who use this hashtag on their page. This helps them to get engage with their customers and also helps them to reach a wider audience. Customers are also excited to promote these brands to get featured. They also add other beauty hashtags with this and hence expanding their reach. By this influencers and customers continuously encourage with these hashtags so that they get featured.

See, now you know how these organic opportunities come with branded hashtags. Without hashtags, these opportunities would be impossible.

Want to know what people are buzzing about? Here are hashtags to help you

Your business faces competition every day. For a better return, you should always stay ahead of your competitors. For that, you should hunt for what’s hot in your industry. Now comes the real question. What is the easiest way to know about these trends? Yes, it’s finding the trending hashtags. Whether to know about customers or the brands, hashtags can help you know what people are buzzing about. Following hashtags can help you know about your competitors and also help you know more about what people think of your brand.

There are different ways to use hashtags. Now let’s discuss the correct ways to use them are.

It is very important to know which hashtag may help your business’s posts. Finding customer language hashtags can help your business a lot. If not used properly, your post may get shuffled among others and hence you will lose your valuable customers.

Using the apt hashtags for your posts can gain more followers. Instead of using just #beauty as the hashtag for a beauty-related post, use #unicornhair or #mermaidhair so that you reach more specific customers. Likewise, use #femalefitness for a fitness brand focusing on women rather than using just #fitness.  You might get surprised to see the variety of hashtags out there. To know more about these you can contact us as we are one of the best SMO company in Kochi that can help you with all queries regarding digital marketing.

How many hashtags in one post?

30 hashtags are allowed to be used on a single post by Instagram. But using 30 hashtags can make your post spammy and hence it won’t reach the required audience. Using 3-5 hashtags on a post is enough to get noticed.  More hashtags mean stuffing more keywords in web content. Hence, less is more. Use fewer hashtags and reach more people.

Why include hashtags on your first comment?

As we said earlier, competitors always keep a check on you to see your progress. They may also use your hashtag to promote their brand. Using hashtags on your comments can help you hide it in the future and hence, no competitor would see it. It can also help your caption to be clear and will help the hashtag caption disappear after few comments on your post.

Why is it necessary to match the hashtag to the photo?

When you use the frequently used hashtags, you should always keep in mind that your caption and picture should stand out. The hashtag that you put should match the image you are posting. Always remember that it is the image that attracts people primarily. Make a quick search on your hashtag and note the images that pop up. Find similarities in the images and then post something different that can attract people to your brand. To get more customers, you should invest in high-quality videos and photos. Finding the best photographers who know well about Instagram can help you at this stage.

To sum up, hashtags can help your brand reach a wider audience. Using all 30 hashtags on your post can give you reverse results. Studying the hashtags of your competitors and coming up with the correct hashtags can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. With the help of one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Kerala like our sand with the above-mentioned tips, you are sure to gain more audiences and reach the top of your industry.


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