Twitter Simplifies Re marketing and Custom Audiences with Universal Website Tag

Twitter Simplifies Re marketing and Custom Audiences with Universal Website Tag

by Simone April 01, 2016

The practice of targeting people who’ve visited your website with ads based on their activity – has become hugely popular in recent years. And for good reason – remarketing works because you’re reaching an audience that’s already interested enough in your products to have come to your website, and the more targeted and personalized you can make your remarketing efforts, the better.


But in order to do this you need to track website activity – remarketing requires the use of tracking codes inserted into your website, and implementing them poses its own challenges, both in terms of technical expertise and time. To simplify the process, most platforms are now moving towards universal code – customized tags which can be entered on your site just once, then utilized over and over for different purposes, as opposed to having to insert a new tag every time you want to track something. And now, Twitter’s joined this trend, introducing a new universal website tag for all advertisers, globally, to help them better track and utilize web traffic data.

As detailed by Twitter:


Previously, you needed to create a new snippet of code for each conversion event you wanted to track and each tailored audience you wanted to build. With the universal website tag, you can install a single snippet of code — the universal website tag — across your entire website by placing it in a global page header, on every page of your site, or in a third-party tag manager. Once installed, you can use the universal website tag to easily create and manage conversion events and tailored audiences without making any additional changes to tags on your website.”