The Best trends in Digital Marketing that startups need to know

The Best trends in Digital Marketing that startups need to know

by suman June 27, 2018


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Big data :

The Big data can be useful to startups in various ways. Big data is mostly used by the professionals to get a better understanding of their target audience Big data is no longer absolute to data analysts. The use of big data can furnish t he marketers and startups with a detailed understanding of their target market. Until recently, big data was used to record things like climate information and cell phone GPS signals. With technology advancements, the B2B marketing and sales teams are now using big data to assemble more detailed information to their target audience’s wants and needs. On a larger scale, big data can be used to understand demand and supply trends in your own industry. Data recorded over decades can be collected and analyzed as a whole to observe patterns and trends. Not only the big data helps in analyzing their marketing strategies but can also give them a more accurate evaluation of their success rate.

Chatbots :

A chatbot is a computer program which conducts a communication through  auditory or textual methods. Chatbots are a kind of automated service which is basically a chat based interface that customers can interact with. It is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) that helps to operate within the predefined set of rules. In the last year there was a critical rise in the use of artificial intelligence in marketing through the arrival of chatbots.  Already we are seeing a growth of brands using chatbots to improve the turnaround time and the customer service they contribute in their social media channels. Some companies are now using the chatbots to increase their response time to address the questions and queries from eventual leads. The more interesting thing about the chatbot is that,it can replace the gated contents and forms to generate the leads. That’s because the chatbots can respond within five minutes from the time that an inquiry is send.

Search engine optimization :

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way of increasing the traffic to your website through organic search engine result. SEO  is nowadays more important and necessary than ever. SEO will look into aspects of your website and page optimization, device optimization and reasonable link building for better visibility in search engine results. Once you understand the nature of association, outreach and impact of your brand’s SEO, change or reconsider  your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Understand how SEO works and learn about the basic concept of SEO  specified in our website. This will help your startup to grow quicker. Be consistent and regular in your digital marketing strategy.

Video Marketing:

The video marketing is a new type of internet marketing and advertising in which business create short videos about the specific topics. Videos are powerful tools to communicate extensively. It is a component of the integrated marketing that was designed to increase the audience engagement through social activity around a given video. The video content is said to be five times as engaging as the static visual content. This is very useful in each and every platforms. The maximum engagement and visitors are related to the videos.

Considering the startups already have to face so many challenges, initiating video marketing is not easy. However, startups can leverage animations and GIFs, to begin with. If a startup does manage to create and publish engaging video content, there is no doubt that it will give their online presence an instant spike in visitors and engagement. The YouTube remains at the forefront of the video content, other channels like Facebook and Instagram are been fastly growing.

Inbound Marketing:

Today’s marketing strategies are based more on inbound marketing, in which the key focus is on customers. It is more customer related, unlike the traditional methods of marketing where the focus was only on advertising and promoting their business. The Inbound Marketing was very much effective. The startups have a better chance to stay ahead if they prefer inbound marketing over outbound marketing. 41% of marketers confirm inbound marketing has a better ROI than outbound marketing.

Keyword-based content marketing, blogging, and promotion can increase inbound links for business by 97%. The more startups shift their strategies in line with inbound marketing, the higher the chances of success are.









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