How Content Marketing Drive Sales for Your Business

How Content Marketing Drive Sales for Your Business

by Francis July 28, 2021
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Gone are the days of real face-to-face sales as well as marketing and here is the time when customers choose you from behind their screens. You shouldn’t be surprised that the spending on content marketing has been considerably increasing over the recent years considering its merits.  As a leading content marketing company in Kochi, Kerala we would love to introduce you to the perks of effective content marketing. So get ready to lace up your boots and give a tough fight in this new technological race!!

What is valuable information?

It can be anything remotely scientific or specifying the product’s different aspects. Scientific? Well, like graphs. How something performs, comparisons. Statistics. Yeah, that’s it. Impart knowledge in a way people haven’t seen before. Graphs are for within the company? No. Send it to the customers. Not the same graphs. They must be specifically tailored and must make them interested in the product.

Of course, you don’t want to send profit graphs to your customers. Wouldn’t turn out so well now, would it?

To attract customers. Yeah, right. Attract customers with some scientific stuff they may not even understand? Thing is, it doesn’t have to be scientific in the least. Just give them some new piece of knowledge. How is this going to help? Well, you have to subtly market your product to the audience through the same thing that gives them this information, which they may consider invaluable.

That is our goal. Marketing the product. And, this approach will make sure people will be interested in your product. Be faithful in what you share. People don’t essentially need to understand graphs. You can find graphs for almost anything and people seem to find graphs very knowledgeable. It’s got a graph? Totally legit stuff.

Why do you think there are lots of likes (or whatever) on random statistics that make no sense on social media? Just appear knowledgeable and people are people.

Other marketing strategies seem to do the job pretty well. What’s so different about this?

This is not just to attract new customers. They will attract new customers (no doubt about it). This also retains customer loyalty. We are using such a nice product. Such a nice company. So glad I purchased this. Will definitely buy again from them.” Statistics tend to have that effect on a lot of people.

Here’s the best part. You can up-sell your products after using this technique for a while. It is very reasonable. A product doing incredibly well must have a price that matches its reputation. People will gladly pay for overrated (maybe not) stuff. How do you like to profit from people’s feelings that something is superior? Charging more for superior quality products is the way the market works.

Add accessories to your product. Apparently, the product works better with the accessory or something. Expand your product. Expand your business.

Do you think half the stuff that is sold on the internet (or anywhere) costs that much? No. It’s just famous and well, famous stuff happens to be good in people’s eyes. And, good stuff happens to cost a lot. Things cost way less than they are, but you can sell them for an absurdly huge price and no one will question it.

You cannot just sell something for an insanely high price right off the bat (you can, but, it has to be really, really good). But, with content marketing, you can just create the illusion of quality and milk people. You can give them the best things for the money. Customers are important after all.

So, basically, content marketing is throwing valuable information at people and coaxing them to buy your product. Giving them valuable information regarding the product and the market will definitely boost your credibility thereby driving sales.

Show your customers you love them. Educate them about your market and tell them how amazing your product is. Surely, they will buy your product in return for opening their eyes to what’s happening around them. Statistical data seems transparent and people love transparency. Customer happiness is key to a successful business.

The next relevant question popping up in your head would be how much content can benefit your business. Let’s ponder upon this in detail.

1) Boost up your website traffic:

One of the main goals of content marketing is to hike your website traffic. We could use numerous ways to achieve this like social media campaigns, flyers, advertisements, etc. With an increased influx of customers to your website, you are never out of the race. Also, make it a point to keep your customers engaged and entertained through your constant content. Regularly scheduled updates of content would leave a good impression of your company.

2) Seal yourself as an established company:

The general trend of customers is to do business with thought leaders and established companies. Hence creating an authoritative say in your business is a necessity. To begin with, backlinks would help you a lot. Guest posting for other sites is an effective way to increase your number of backlinks increasing your visibility.

3) Evergreen content for your evergreen company:

If your content is evergreen, that is, if it never loses its relevance the customers are sure to return to your site over and over again. Non – evergreen content may create a temporary influx of customers to your page but it would soon die out. So to keep your business alive makes it a point to post more evergreen content.

4) Customer-friendly:

With good content marketing, customers are sure to visit your page with a perfect landing page. This, in turn, increases your interaction with the customers and you could build the trust of your customers. The clients will get to see the company’s goods and services and its operations gradually building faith in you.

5) Educated Purchasing opportunity:

Content marketing introduces your products and services beforehand to your potential customers. A recent survey also points out that people now prefer to access a business with a company only after knowing in detail about them. Content marketing is indeed the best way to do this.

6) Build and improve your search engine optimization:

SEO plays an important role in improving your online business. Content creation is a productive way to achieve this. A lot many keywords would direct suitable clients to your site and the content would give them a reason to stick around. This would eventually increase the time spent on your site and Google will assess your content as valuable.

7) Plays a role in each stage of the marketing funnel:

Content marketing has a fruitful role in each of the three stages of your digital marketing.

*Top of funnel – The customers are only becoming aware of their problems and possible solutions. At this stage, the content could help them to understand their problem in detail.
*Middle of funnel- Customer would be evaluating their available options. Content at this stage could help them make a decision.
* Bottom of the funnel- At this stage, your customer is ready to make the decision and content can provide them with the final guidelines.

Privileged to be one of the top digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala, we wish to share some amazing content marketing tips to fuel up your business.

1) Be easily accessible to your customers:

Maintaining cordial relations with your customers would take your business an extra mile. Customers would love to hear from you, answering their queries would be useful to them. So, if a customer drops a comment on your page feel free to respond to it. Even if someone points out a negative aspect acknowledge it. This would make your page more interactive where consumers also get a space to express their views.

2) Let your brand stand apart:

People can be easily driven to distinct brand voices. Be proud of your brand and let it find a spot apart from the general mob of brands. It would make it easy for the customers to spot you and also separates you from the competition.

3) Good Landing Page- first impression is the best impression:

A good landing page is one of the prime necessities of a good business site. Your customers would be wandering in and out of the internet world looking for their products or services. Imagine yourself as a customer and when you click a link and you are redirected to a page that is haphazard and makes you bewildered. Chances are high that you may back off from that page immediately. On the other hand, if you could provide an ordered and interesting landing page that customer is safe in your hands.

4) Information and aesthetics to go hand in hand:

Your site should at the same time feed your customer’s desire for information and aesthetic beauty. A compelling headline is the strongest point that would entice your customers to stay on your site for a long time. Also, it should be visually appealing with strong bullet points and media mentions.

5) Address customer’s pain points:

You cannot improve your sales just by increasing your site traffic. To turn your visitors into your customers you have to keep providing what they have been looking for. For this, your content has to be relevant directing them to their desired goals.

6) Converting leads:

The ultimate aim of content marketing is to increase sales by improving website ranking. Even though you start by addressing a general query you can eventually narrow down your content to give specific answers to your customer’s questions. These steps might help you to find potential buyers for your business.

7) Organic Traffic:

Organic website traffic is a natural way to increase your sales if your site provides high-quality content. Adding relevant keywords to your content can increase the number of visitors to your site. You can also try interlinking relevant posts, using alt tags, and regularly updating your content.

8) Good Analytics:

Keep track of your content and see how your consumers respond. Analyze your website traffic and get to know more about which content to focus on.

So what are you guys waiting for! Content is indeed the King. If you want to set your business on the right track, work on developing a content marketing strategy targeting your potential customers, and watch out for your growth.

We at TGI Technologies, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Kochi, can help you with Content Marketing. We will make sure that you as well as your customers are happy.

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