by Sraddha December 07, 2020
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Are you looking for a hike in your SEO ranking for your E-commerce website?

It is indeed true that ranking higher than your competitors increases your chances for higher sales. Organic traffic is for sure an inexpensive way to drive up your sales, unlike paid campaigns. However, many online companies don’t give much attention to this or are caught up somewhere in their SEO growth but no longer you! Get rid of your doubts on how to create this natural trafficking and bid goodbye to the increased advertising budget. You are in the right place and the solution to your problem is right within your fingertips! We as a leading SEO company in Kerala are glad to share some productive ways to boost up your SEO ranking. So here are some definitely effective tips to help you through!!

  • Let your reviews speak for you

Product recommendations and reviews of your customers are one of the ways to develop a stable input of new content to improve your visibility. Allow your customers to submit reviews and let them be spokespersons for your site. In a survey, it has been found out that 90 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. This means that few reviews could be your turn to the peak of success.

Highlighting these reviews on your site is handy for your users as well as could bring great outcomes for your E-commerce SEO efforts. What you should keep in mind is to build a review platform, choose one that adds the reviews directly to the HTML of your site. This would ensure that both users and search engines could read them and increase your website trafficking.

  • Let your meta descriptions be catchy

This may be a tiny detail that you may not be paying attention to but your customers would sure do. It is the only information they have in addition to the title and URL before they decide whether or not to click on it. For E-commerce sites that offer many products providing interesting meta descriptions would be a challenge. Smart SEOs now use ‘concatenation schemas’ to resolve this issue. This is a small code that uses predetermined rules to write fascinating descriptions automatically. With a catchy meta description, you could be sure to enchant your customers to click through and in turn improve SEO ranking.

  • Unique product descriptions for your unique company

Unique content is always a priority that sets you apart from your competitors. So one of the first steps to boost your E-commerce SEO efforts would be to identify such duplicated contents and rewriting them from the scratch. Your detailed descriptions would provide Google with additional information about what you are selling increasing the chances that your product would show up first for relevant searches.

  • Pagination elements to your rescue

The last thing you want on your site would be customers confused with thousands of products scrolling through fanatically.  This problem can be solved by breaking down the category into easily understandable pages with 20-25  items per page. Even though this would be useful for customers, it might have a disadvantage on your E-commerce SEO website efforts as Google would be confused about which page to display. It is here that pagination elements come as a rescue with rel=next,rel=prevtags which gives an idea to search engines how each page is related to each other.

  • Schematic mark-up to uplift your ranking

The schematic mark-up is one of the underestimated SEO tools which is now attaining higher value. These codes improve your expected results by adding star ratings and price tags directly in your search results. This has two benefits; it visually pleases the customer in addition to providing context for customers to believe in your site. If properly utilized this could affect higher search results for your site.

  • Faster the speed faster your growth

Speed is now considered as a ranking factor in Google’s search results. It has an effect both on user experience and e-commerce SEO. Faster sites would indeed be considered as better pages by customers. Hence, you should check your site speed and load time and correct any factor that slows down your page.

  • Log in to your success

Social media play a pivotal role in every business these days. Interactions through social media aid to increase brand search, increase your companies visibility, and most importantly help to create an active fan base. Social media applications like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc… Provide you a platform to interact with your customers. Answering their queries would show them the human face of your business and make them stick to your brand.

  • Promote through other trusted sites

If a blog or website or influencer with a huge fan base is willing to share your content and page through their site it would increase massively your reach and trafficking in your site. Customers tend to trust such promotions rather than artificial links placed in the comment sections or forums.

  • Video content creation

Video content is a fruitful aid to boost up your E-commerce SEO and visibility. In a survey, it is found out that almost 65 percent of people bought a product after watching video content. When paired with a transcript providing details about the video it doubles your benefits. It gives Google context for your videos and also transfers valuable information to your customers. Thus video content creation would be an effective way to increase organic trafficking in your site.

  • Avail voice search

Voice Search using personal assistants like Alexa, Siri is rapidly increasing nowadays. This is the right time to target such voice searches before anyone else would grab this opportunity. You could develop a FAQ section in your pager to answer the customer’s concerns.

  • Lift up your low reach pages

Identify the products of your page that haven’t yet received the reach it deserves. In an e-commerce website that has thousands of products, most of your click-through and organic traffic would be based on your core products which customers love. At the same time, there would be other products which haven’t caught customers’ attention yet. Look into the reasons for this, correct immediately and there is your opportunity socket!

There are a lot many benefits of optimizing your site for search engines ultimately increasing your sales. We, as an e-commerce website developing company in Kochi, were pleased to share these tips with you guys and hope it works best for your company. So, what are you waiting for, go get it done and rise to your success!

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