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Looking for ways to boost up the reach of your blog post?

You are on the right track. Come this way to achieve ultimate optimization. As a leading SEO company in Kochi, Kerala we are here to give you the best tips to help your blog post-climb the Google ranking.

1) Find evergreen topics

What kind of topics do you think would be a huge hit along with your audience? Selecting such topics that your target audience is interested in is the most important factor for your blog post to climb the Google ranking. Now you would be wondering how you could find such topics. Forums such as Quora are here to help you with this. Search your main focus of the area and it would give you a list of topics that are frequently sought by people. You could also seek the help of Wikipedia’s table of contents and ‘ see also’.  The see also section gives you a clear-cut idea about other related topics people are interested in. You could also consider consulting your personnel who deals with customers to know what are the common requests of your customers.  They would know better what is trending and in demand.

2) Use keywords to your benefit

Effectively using keywords could definitely boost up the reach of your blogs. One thing you should keep in mind is to use long-tail keywords. The longer the keywords turn to be there were fewer blog results and this would lower your competition. Also, try to add your keywords within the titles to be noticed faster. Using keywords within the first hundred words of content will do the same trick hastily conveying what your blog is all about to Google. You can make use of the Google ads keyword planner to plan your keywords. Many SEO software also gives you an accurate list of keywords that people are curious to know about.

3) Buyer personas

Building up a concept of buyer personas would help you to understand your audience better and present to the content of their interest. If your blog contents start to resonate with your target audience that would definitely lead to an increase in search rankings.

4) longer contents

Publishing long content would be definitely helpful for your SEO optimization. People would also look for longer content in the hope that they would convey more information than shorter ones. Thus your long blog posts are sure to outperform the shorter ones.

5) Increase your page loading speed

It is a known fact that people get pissed off if a page doesn’t load for many minutes after he or she has clicked on it. Also, page loading speed is an important Google ranking factor. So you should immediately take action to increase your page loading speed in order to prevent lagging behind in Google ranking.

6)Optimize images

One important factor to remember when adding images to your blog is that  Google does not look for just images but images with alt text. So you should definitely add relevant keywords when naming your image and in its meta description.

7) increasing dwell time

Dwell time means the extent of time your audience stays within your page. It is the time between the click on your link and the back button to the search results page. Always make it a point to offer something exciting and informative at the same time to make your audience stay. You could do this by offering a rich multi-media experience. You can use different types of content within a single blog post such as video files, images, quizzes, charts, graphs, etc. Also as we always say the first impression is the best impression. Hence your introductory paragraphs should be so enticing that your viewers would read them till the end. Try to be more interactive putting up questions in between to make them think and take them along the whole blog.  You could also try to add more subheadings so that it becomes easier for them to understand the content easily and is much more user-friendly.

8) Optimise URL

A short and descriptive URL is always beneficial for  SEO. Short and keyword-rich URLs can give you a lot of competitive advantages.

9) Increase CTR

How can you make sure that your blog posts have higher click-through rates?  Google search results with higher click-through rates are the ones that are pushed up on the Google search results page. One element that would help you achieve this is by creating featured snippets.  You could also try coining striking headings that instantly catch the attention of the audience. Spicing up your headings with emotional adjectives would be a great step for this.

10) Actively share on social media

Make it a habit to share your blog post on social media accounts for better reach. It is to be noted that Google gives weightage to social media signals in ranking. You could also share on other social media accounts like sharing your presentations on SlideShare, sharing documents on Scribd, sharing infographics on Pinterest, and actively sharing your content to industry-relevant groups. As a social media marketing company this is the best advice we have for you.

11) Write guest blogs

Writing more guest blogs would help more people know about your page. You could search for online media that would be interested in publishing your guest post and link to your site. This way you could grow your business!

12) Optimise your voice search

The future of SEO is definitely voice search as the number of people opting for voice searches is increasing day by day. You could Optimise this by focusing on question-based queries like how to or how many. Also, you could try to Optimise local search results

13) Refresh your content regularly

Updating your content with up-to-date information would be informative for your readers and beneficial for your SEO. Moreover, Google always looks for fresh content. You can also fix broken links and make them more user-friendly when you update your content. Also, make it a point to add the date when you last updated your blog to let your readers know they are provided with the most up-to-date and valuable content.

There is no more time to think. As a leading digital marketing company in Kerala, we know what is best for you. Employ these tips and lift your business to greater success!

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