How to Promote Travel Tourism Website and Enquiries ?

How to Promote Travel Tourism Website and Enquiries ?

by Simone July 12, 2016

Importance of SEO for Travel Industry

Allow the figures to do the talking. A recent study conducted by  Travel Commission concluded that as many as 72% of the trips were booked through internet. This is not it. There is a rise in the internet bookings by 45% since 2009. Hence, it is clear that more and more customers are relying upon online channels to fulfill their travel requirements and this trend is sure to get more popular, all thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and internet using devices.

SEO allows you to target customers for a range of keywords. Unlike other strategies (PPC, Facebook admangers), targeting keywords in SEO is fairly easy and pocket friendly. SEO lets you target a large number of keywords along with their variations, for no extra costs. For example, if you are in the business of booking hotels, you might like to target keywords like ‘hotel reservation’ and ‘hotel booking’. But why restrict yourself? You could also try your hands on other related keywords like ‘kerala hotels’, ‘best hotels in kerala’ and so on. SEO doesn’t restrict your keywords with a budget. SEO gives you the liberty to explore more and target a range of related keywords for no extra costs.


Positive Online Customer Reviews
Positive online customer reviews instill the confidence in your brand. Positive reviews speak of your good will in the market. Manage your reputation online by earning some good customer reviews. You could do this by asking your customers to leave positive reviews on popular travel forums. TripAdvisor is one of them. Make sure that the reviews are honest and left from genuine people. Further, also keep a close eye over the negative reviews and take all possible measures to address them.

travel and tour agency, earn a part of such whooping amount by making those holiday-goers to choose and book their holiday through your company. Seems like the best dream you have ever had? Believe us, it is not a dream anymore! Travel SEO could help you fulfil your goals and milestones within a blink of an eye.

Builds great user experience

Though not directly associated with any SEO task, but a good SEO expert will always provide you suggestions for better structure & CTA planning in order to ensure proper conversions.

With current SEO Trends, a website without proper on page & structure will find it difficult to rank better in SERPs and hence forcing you to make changes accordingly, which actually helps you in building better user experience.

SEO is not just about pleasing the search engines, but the target customers too.

Blogging & Content Marketing

You have done your bit, marketed, captured their attention, and go them to your website, but you have not been able to close the sale. You don’t leave the potential customer there; you follow them and push them to come back to your site. This can be achieved using blogs, stories, real experiences and quality content on other sites and get them back to your site through links.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile site is not a luxury anymore. Most of the users now browse and book from their smartphones. It is imperative now for the travel companies to have a website that is optimized for mobile users, to enable the mobile users to reach you through their mobile device.

Business Opportunities

Social media channels are the gold mines to avail business opportunities.”

This is the technological era. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the devices that have become the important necessities of life. Furthermore, modern-day life will certainly find a hard time to sustain a day without the internet. Search engines and social media sites are the biggest platforms that receive millions of hits in a day. Talking about social media activities; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the various sites where everyone can share pictures, reviews, complaints and feedback frequently. Thus, launch a campaign that can improve the visibility, website traffic, and leads for your business. Additionally, it also allows you to find the potential business partners and vendors existing in the industry.


In this strategy, the main aim should be the conversion of the web visitors gained via Blogging, SEO and Social Media into the paying customers. This strategy generally involves three basic steps where you must concentrate on, and they are; calls to action, landing pages and email marketing.

  1. Calls to action: Calls to action are generally links or buttons that encourages the visitor to take certain action.
  2. Landing pages: Send your website visitors on pages where you have mentioned about your offers and rewards by linking them with call to action links or buttons.
  3. Email Marketing: There are times when people engage with your content, products and services but don’t have any interest in becoming a paid consumer that is where email marketing is effective. Send regular email newsletter to your readers or consumers as it will help you to build trust and nurture a long term relationship, which might make them think about buying your products and services.


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