The battle for traffic: Organic SEO V/S Social media marketing

The battle for traffic: Organic SEO V/S Social media marketing

by Dona February 20, 2021
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Are you in search of better traffic for your site?

Site traffic is an important yardstick that marks your site’s overall success and pushes your potential customers to buy more thus increasing your sales. But have you ever wondered what would be the best way to upsurge your traffic! SEO and social media marketing are two of the ways opted by many. But most of the time companies either hire an SEO agency turning a blind eye to a social media marketing or hire a social media marketing agency neglecting SEO in totality. According to a recent survey, more than 50 percent of people use search engines for product discovery. At the same time, many youngsters depend on social media recommendations to finalize their purchases. First of all, let’s take a look at what these terms mean.

SEO – Search engine optimization is all about showing up as your audience’s search result. Your ranking would determine the number of click-throughs you receive and the traffic on your site.

Social media marketing- Marketing of your brand and products through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… This is usually employed to create brand authority and engagement with your potential customers.

As a leading SEO and digital marketing company in Kochi we here analyze what would work best for your company in the long run.

Target Audience

Every marketing channel would have a target audience the group that uses it for a greater time. Identifying this target audience and creating content suiting to their taste would be beneficial for your company. This works better for social media marketing as accurate data of users are easily accessible. Organic SEO  is not based on any apps they are currently using but on predicting the kind of conversation they are hoping to have. Thus you can try creating marketing personas; fictional characters who have the characteristics of your potential audience. Then you could try creating content answering the questions they are most likely to raise. The more precise your answers are more likely are they to rely on your site. You can then use Google Analytics to see how your content’s performance and change marketing personas if necessary.


Which of the two – SEO and social media marketing requires more of your effort. Being a digital marketing agency in Kochiwe work with both these strategies and know both its pros and cons. Social media marketing requires planning, commitment, and specific tools to make your task easier. Only quality content and scheduled posting can keep you on trend in social media. Users would also look for an instant response to their queries. On the other hand, organic SEO  might take a long span of time to rank, doesn’t require continuous effort like in the case of social media marketing.  Thus organic SEO brings in more conversions with little effort. However, the brand’s authority that social media marketing brings in makes it worth the effort.

Content types

Content is indeed the King in all digital marketing fields. In accordance with the change in the digital platform you use the type of content you use has to be changed to suit your target audience. In the case of SEO long-form content with a maximum number of keywords would work best. Make sure that they are evergreen contents that new users would visit often. People searching in the browser would be certainly looking for entire information about a topic. Hence, you should satisfy their needs through detailed description, or else they might leave your site.

In contrast, social media contents are much shorter in length and would change their style depending on the app you use. Also, they would have fewer technical terms with a lighter language. User engagement is also one of the factors that would make your content a hit on social media. The number of shares, likes, and retweets can be used to measure the reception of that content by your audience. People use social media in search of entertainment or emotional content. Thus what you post on social media should be attractive and entertaining at the same time compelling them to like and share.

Hence both SEO and social media marketing are dependent on contents but only differ in their type. The most effective way to hike your traffic is to link these two contents. You could try providing a link to the whole content under an infographic on social media. The interested audience is sure to click through!!


The subject matter of your conversation should also change when the digital marketing platform changes. As discussed earlier short and condensed subject matter would work well for social marketing. What you could do to improve your reach is to add a hashtag related to your subject. It would help you to spread your content and ensure that it reaches the right group of people. Many young people tend to search for content using hashtags in trend.

To yield the best from SEO you should have thorough knowledge about keywords that are frequently searched by your audience. Keyword tools can help you in this and push your site to further reach.

Success Rates

What matters at the end of all your efforts is indeed success rates.  You would have to wait for several months to know the result of SEO marketing as search engines take time to find and index your content. However, SEO is an excellent method to generate visitors and lead to conversions. On the flip side of the coin, social media marketing works within seconds and you could analyze your success rate within a short time. However, the problem is that it would shine only for a limited time creating a mini viral event with your audience sharing it rapidly. But they would soon drown unnoticed as new posts pop up on their screen within seconds. Since most of the people today sit for hours engaged in social media accounts your efforts would never be in vain. There are high chances of people to head to your site from social media through recommendations.

Thus, it is hard to say which party would win in this fight for traffic. The best way is to merge and utilize both of these marketing strategies. As a social media marketing company in Kerala our advice would be to employ social media marketing to create an engaging audience, new leads, influencers, and traffic to your site. Meanwhile, as an SEO company in Kerala, we would advise you to keep posting evergreen content and links generated from social media will hike your ranking. Make up your mind and act now!!

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