What is AI SEO and how it will help you to increase your website traffic?

What is AI SEO and how it will help you to increase your website traffic?

by Francis January 04, 2022

Artificial intelligence is the next step to automating a lot of things and it is being put into practice with each progressive step. There is much to be expected as it is still being developed. Even though in development, it still helps with a lot of things and has proved itself useful for a variety of things.

The digital world is ever expanding and AI has an important role in this world. AI also holds an important role in Digital Marketing. SEO has been mostly manual up until recently. What if SEO becomes guided by artificial intelligence?

Things are going to improve for digital marketing firms looking to stay at the top. Artificial intelligence is growing (literally). It grows like a biological being. You input data and it remembers the data, thus growing itself.

Content Writing

This is what you must be most familiar with. Certain typing softwares or web tools help you complete sentences. This has been around for a while. They are pretty simple and help a tiny bit in maybe sending e-mails.

They have been a long shot from doing any actual content writing. But, that is slowly changing. Artificial Intelligence can now learn your writing style and suggest completions for your sentence. Now, it can even auto-generate content if you command it to write about a specific thing provided you give keywords related to the same.

Now, that’s somewhat promising. Even though it cannot replace content writers, it can make the content more keyword-focused if that is your goal.

Keyword based titles and ranking

Keywords are the base of ranking in the SERP currently. This does not mean keyword spam every two sentences. Thing is, Artificial Intelligence can help you rank better by using keywords and titles. How?

There are a lot of keywords to reach a particular webpage. What I mean is you have a page about something and there is already intense competition to be at the top based on one keyword. All you have to do is change the keyword. A keyword that means the exact same and one that is likely to be searched by people.

And, boom, you’re now facing comparatively less competition without compromising traffic to your page. AI suggestions can be great. They can even make a title for content that helps boost your ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Gets you featured

Artificial intelligence is simple and concise. So, it can make simple and concise things that have a good chance to make into the featured snippets section or the related questions section of the Results page. That is a huge flex: making it into the snippets.

AI gets work off your hands and gets things done. It just needs some monitoring so that the language and presentation is filled with energy, zest and emotion. AI is the way if you want to stay on top of the game.

What to write?

With Artificial Intelligence on your side, you won’t be asking this question anymore. It will give you suggestion on what to write. Imagine that. It will keep track of your area of business and suggest trending topics that you might want to cover. And, not just trending things, it will suggest anything that it thinks will be useful in growing your firm.

You can, thus, have all the important topics covered without wondering what to cover on your website. Artificial Intelligence has got you covered.

If it thinks you’ve missed something important, it will let you know so that you can do something about it as soon as you can. You should have answers to any question that a client could possibly have. And, AI makes sure that you have all the answers in your pocket.

Record Keeper

It keeps track of all your pages and gives you a summary of which has performed better and it may provide suggestions and insights as to why it performed better and what to do to maintain a good traffic.

This will help you in the long run. You will be able to know what to market and how to market and this surely is something that you will want if there is tight competition for your business. Even a slight advantage will give you an edge over the others.

SEO must be more focused on analysis in the future as this will help understand what is more marketable and what to and what not to market. AI will keep records for you and you just have to improve upon its suggestions and voila, you’ll have a booming business.

AI against AI

When the search engine results and optimization for customers is being increasingly taken over by artificial intelligence, it is only fitting that we use the same technology to drive us forward.

The opportunities to fill in voids of information is something worth exploiting. This can give a new perspective to the optimization and marketing teams. While AI makes the market increasingly competitive, it also provides an opportunity to leave the competition behind with its suggestions.

AI in search optimization

People are getting more hands free with the digital world. They can use voice commands and such to get things done. This is something that you must consider on your end. What can you do?

As AI is trying to improve, you must too. Optimize your answers to questions a voice search user is likely to ask. Things like this can give you a considerable boost in rankings. Don’t get left behind as the digital world progresses at such a rapid pace.


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