by Ananya May 06, 2022
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Super Thanks (formerly known as Viewer’s Applause), a new YouTube monetization tool, that allows creators to make money directly from their viewers, is now available on all eligible channels. After a successful test period, Super Thanks is now rolling out to all creators in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Super Thanks is a method for dedicated viewers to support you and your content.

YouTube is working to update its monetization features to make its platform a more appealing choice for content creators. With YouTube’s monetization process a big lure, it offers the most earnings potential without having to organize brand deals and extra partnerships.

All creators of the YouTube Partner Program can now earn revenue by enabling Super Thanks on their videos. Millions of creators in over 68 countries can now access this monetization feature. Earlier, this was available to only a randomized number of creators.


Super Thanks is a feature that lets creators earn through a new source of revenue and connect with viewers who want to show an extra form of gratitude towards their favorite creators. It also lets users support their favorite creators and YouTube channels. The cost of a Super Thanks is up to the viewer. The feature allows everyone to tip their favorite creator from payments ranging from $2 to $50 (Rs 150 to Rs 3370). Most creators keep 70 percent of the amount given to them by the viewers.

Viewers can click the ‘Thanks’ button while watching the video to buy a one-time animation and also send a personalized, colorful message in the comments section. Once a Super Thanks is sent by a viewer, they’ll see an animated gif at the right of the channel’s video.

All the eligible creators of the YouTube Partner Program can avail of Super Thanks. If you can run ads on YouTube and earn from them, you have the ability to activate Super Thanks.

Super Thanks is not available for the following videos:

  1. Age-restricted
  2. Unlisted
  3. Private
  4. Made for kids
  5. Videos with Content ID claims
  6. Videos with YouTube Giving fundraisers
  7. Live streams or Premieres, while live

In addition to Super Thanks, the Google-owned platform has released similar features such as Super Chat and Super Stickers in 2021 and 2019 respectively.


  1. Go to YouTube studio
  2. Select Monetization (left-hand navigation menu)
  3. Click the Supers tab, where you’ll see Super Thanks with an on-off toggle.
  4. On turning it on, a Thanks button will automatically appear on your existing and future videos.


  1. Go to YouTube studio
  2. Select Comments (navigation menu on the left)
  3. Filter comments to see ones sent by Super Thanks
  4. Review, reply, or like any of these comments from your YouTube Studio dashboard.
  5. You can delete any of these comments as well.


  1. Go to the Analytics section.
  2. Select Revenue
  3. See your total Super Thanks earnings under Transaction Revenue

To view your earnings per video, from the Content section, select the video you want, go to Analytics, then Revenue, then look for Super Thanks earnings under Transaction Revenue.

In addition to Super Thanks, YouTube has a couple of other tools available for channels and creators. For live streams, Super Chats are available for viewers who donate, which will again, highlight your comment and show support. If you’re not interested in leaving a comment, YouTube also has Super Stickers for purchase, with proceeds going to the channel.

On YouTube, a simple sign up for the program, then creating your content is pretty much all you have to do to make money. The same simplicity cannot be offered by short-form video platforms in this respect. That could end up being a big advantage for the app in the future. On top of the expansion of Super Thanks, YouTube has also announced that viewers can now customize their Super Thanks comments, which has been one of the most requested updates for the feature.


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