Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

by Simone March 13, 2023
AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

In the last five years, artificial intelligence improved a lot especially the method marketers interact with customers. It became easier to target and arrange marketing campaigns as they got access to the customer’s data and much more advanced technology.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the factors which help to improve various sections of digital marketing. 50% of digitally stable organizations with advanced digital practice described the AI method and mostly 85% of business executives say that AI helps the company to become successful in the competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence shows the human role in marketing trends. The brand and marketers use AI to improve the experience of the customers and to spend less time and resources through digital marketing services. With the help of AI, it is easy to gain customers, improve sales and move applicable in traffic, and keep the present customers.

The major intention of AI is to make human life easier with the help of daily tasks like a personal assistant. This is the same in digital marketing. 

Some applications of AI in digital marketing:


The machines can understand the behaviour and the choice of the users. The future of AI in digital marketing is around personalization. The choice or the liking of the customer will be helpful, so they can interact with similar products. This also helps to take users to customized sales. For more clearance, you can see recommendations on your shopping that on your preference. They get to know about what customers like and give more content on your likings.


Chatbots is to stimulate conversation with human users. They are the greatest example of AI technology. It is more like a virtual tutor, like when you asked Alexa or Siri to play your favorite movie or to set a timer.

Chatbots make the response to potential users who frequently ask questions, they even provide links to search for the product or the services they want. They were able to talk like humans. The bots are in a natural learning method and the system tries to find the correct one.

The brand selects a few users to have a live call with the customer service representative after the automatic response The best feature is the 24-hour services in the whole week. Many digital marketers consider it as a way to give customized customer services, which is slightly related to digital marketing not straight to the marketing function. It also helps to lead the customer to purchase.

Digital Advertising

It is the section in which AI successfully works. The use of digital marketing in online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.. makes for a great experience. These platforms have personal information like gender, age, likes, and more which help to show the applicable ads for the increase of digital advertisements.

It seems like spending a huge amount on digital ads. With the help of AI, marketers can identify micro trends and sometimes can predict trends. So it can make plans to see where to spend its budget and what they are targeting.

Then they can lessen their spending on digital ads that are for no gain and make sure to spend it for the best results, Only the right audience can make a success in a marketing campaign. With AI, it seems easy to get the user’s information and predict future changes. By this, brands can make ads as their user’s choice.

E-Mail Marketing

It is one of the effective marketing methods. Around 61% of people used to get promotional emails. In other words, it can create higher conversion than any other method. Customization is what every marketer aims for, AI uses the data collected from the user and makes personalized emails to the user based on their last interaction. It can be done on the base of the wish list or the page they mostly interact with and more. If the user goes to the content with your link or the user skips your link and directly goes to the content, AI can send separate mail on your likes.

Once the system understands your data and creates a few questions like which time the user comes, continuous marketing campaigns, the content which can get the user’s attention, and which title and email can create more clicks. AI came to know all about the customer and sent customized mail to everyone. 

Enhanced Shopping Experience

AI in digital marketing has the power to change the way that we shop. Brands try many versions of AI to increase the shopping experience. Before buying a product, you can try it rather than browsing again and again. If you provide a good user experience users will spend time on your site.

AI will make amazing changes to your brand. With the use of AI strategies, you can improve the customer’s experience and you can market your brand systematically. If you understand how these features work it will be beneficial to your brand as it is going to lead soon.

Artificial Intelligence makes marketers advantageous; it shows solutions to their business problems and also saves money. Follow up Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala for more.


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