Best Practices to Generate Backlinks to Your Website

Best Practices to Generate Backlinks to Your Website

by Sraddha October 23, 2020
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How do I get quality backlinks in 2020?

There used to be a time in the history of online marketing when SEO was very simple with little or no effort to gain profit. SEO techniques consisted of simpler actions that did not need any complex thinking and could be administered by anyone. But, those times have changed drastically, and currently in the era of complete digitalization SEO has evolved into a complex tool that is not simply everyone’s cup of tea. In order for you to apply the best SEO techniques, you need to be well aware of the developments in this sector.

When it comes to the process of generating backlinks for your product/service website, it was a piece of cake for anyone to handle the SEO and insert a link to any website from anywhere on the web earlier, whereas it has advanced through the years into a practice that can test your patience and accuracy. Most of the digital marketing company in Kochi and SEO company in Kerala suggest that backlinks are indeed a marketing strategy that should be given due effort and attention.

What are backlinks and how they can help your website?

If any other page on the web is linked to your webpage as an incoming link, it is known as a backlink. Backlinks are indeed one of the traditional SEO techniques that aided a website to achieve more traffic. Earlier, a page with more backlinks was considered at the top-ranked as backlinks were one of the major criteria for ranking a website. But this method evolved into a state such that pages with ‘high-quality’ backlinks are ranked higher than other web pages.

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Here is a list of practices that will help you generate backlinks to your website:

  • Utilization of social media platforms to create natural backlinks

Social media platforms have always been and still are the most important medium for marketers to unleash their marketing strategies. Social networking sites such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. can therefore help you to get nature backlinks too. If you are consistently active on these social media platforms by promoting your authentic site content and reviews, there is a tendency for active users to share the information regarding your website with other people. This action will help you to receive backlinks to your website naturally itself.

  • Employment offer on your website to generate more backlinks

If you are thinking of offering an employment opportunity, the action of pasting it on your website will aid you to create more backlinks. This strategy works in a way where the employment offer is seen by a person and him/her sharing the employment opportunity with another person and the chain will continue for quite some time. Therefore, make sure that you properly utilize this opportunity to naturally generate more backlinks for your webpage.

  • Quality content reigns the digital era

If your webpage is filled with rich and authentic content, people would surely be interested in reading and sharing your content.  Sharing the content with others through content interaction benefits your webpage in so many ways out of which getting backlinks are just one of them. Quality content can help you to get more interactions for your page and also rank higher on search engines too. Hence, the backlinks your page would be getting through this strategy are sure to provide you more visibility and popularity.

  • Reviewing topics of social demand

You might not be very familiar with this strategy but the info to be provided will help you to understand this strategy. It’s easy to understand how boring it might seem for at least some of you to write long reviews. But did you know that it is one of the most efficient ways in which you could acquire backlinks?

Make sure that you are coming up with a very authentic and strictly unbiased review regarding a product that has been written in a very convincing manner, such that the people who read it feels the effort and hard work you had induced to come up with such a relevant review. These reviews are to be surely noticed by the product/service owner and there is a good possibility for him/her to link your reviews to their official web pages. In this way, you would get more backlinks!

  • Guest post to get more backlinks

Again guest posting might not be the plan you had in mind to generate more backlinks for your page. But it has turned out to be indeed a very effective way if initiated and executed properly. This is a chance for you to prove your expertise and knowledge with respect to the industry that you are focusing on in your post. Collaborating with professionals will aid in getting a professional outlook and hence more probability for you to get backlinks via the guest post.

  • Get reviewed by popular bloggers

Not only reviewing, but ‘getting reviewed’ also will help you gain more backlinks. Asking popular bloggers to review your product/ service and thereby adding the review to both your webpage and the blogger’s webpage would get your website’s name and fame out there in the digital world, a process that will gradually gain you several backlinks! Bloggers who find your webpage to be

  • Wikipedia to get more backlinks

This might be the least of all options that we would suggest. It has been discovered that there is a good possibility for you to receive more backlinks for your webpage when you edit Wikipedia pages or articles that are related to your field wherein you could add your links as well. This particular way can get popularity for your webpage is the social media platforms. This is not an easy task as you would have to follow Wikipedia’s editing rules as they are very much against the inclusion of any spam links or such things.

These are some of the best among many options that could make use to get more backlinks. Backlinks for your website as already stated would be helpful for your webpage in many ways and the time you spent generating more links will always be worth it.

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