Facebook ads for E-Commerce: the complete guide

Facebook ads for E-Commerce: the complete guide

by Ananya September 21, 2022
Facebook Ads for E commerce

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms of about 2.5 billion active monthly users of every age group. Since Facebook is a large platform which could reach a whole lot of people in the world, advertisers Use it to publish their ads for higher reach of their products and services. There was a time where over 7 to 8 million people regularly use Facebook  for advertisement purpose .

Facebook ads is the best choice for E commerce.

Facebook stands out from the crowd in the field of ads in social media. About 61 % of the marketers claim that it is one of the most important platforms. There are top 5 tips for ecommerce Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are customizable and flexible according to your needs.  They are available in different types of forms, thus depending on your goals and time you invest in managing them.

 1.You need to utilize Facebook video ads.

It is quite evident that videos can bring more clarity to the content that you’re trying to express. It can increase both visibility and appeal increase while you use video content. Video promotion is ideal for beginners who are new into business and want to grow and engage more customers in the beginning stage. These videos can bring up or boost brand awareness among people through Facebook. Now the main aspect that most customers look forward is eye catching videos that can boost the brand in whatever way possible. Thus, boosting the products exposure is important.

2.You need to boost up your best post among all.

one of the most effective ways for an e commerce is to boost up your already existing post. You don’t need to hurry up to choose new images, just pick one of your most liked posts and post it to the new audience. There is added benefits in doing this boosting since these new audience are not aware of this product thus having lots of past interaction with your old audience can bring trust and communication among new audience. And there are high chance of them liking the post as it was already liked by the old audience.

3.Go for dynamic creative ads

This is the best option available in Facebook ads. Facebook ads guess out your ad design just by your uploaded images, videos, titles, descriptions and CTAs, finally figures out which one is the best among the combination work. The best among will be put out to boost conversions and this can immensely increase your budget further. This method is also to increase visitors, videos views, reach and brand awareness among people in the world. Creative ads are the best method for ecommerce sellers, when they are new into business and bring out new prospects and they try to focus on retargeting past visitors.

4.You need to retarget ad campaign.

First, we will get to what retargeting means, in Facebook retargeting, you get a list of your past customers you wish to re-engage with. It can be frustrating seeing your customers add to cart but not purchasing, online sellers work really hard to get their past customers to re-engage with them. There is always an alternative plan by just adding facebook pixel to your webpages. This gives you a code which allows you to target ads at people who have visited your site and u have an option to give them special and exciting offers.

5.make new dynamic product ads.

It is always better than creating an individual ad for each and every product instead you can use Facebooks dynamic ads to simply upload your products catalogue to Facebook business managers and Its starts to create dynamic product ads. It retargets shoppers, ecommerce businesses can use Facebooks dynamic product ads so it can automatically present them with relevant products. If the customer has viewed your item or they have added to their cart, your ads will be automatically displaying the selected product.

6.Also run campaigns on Instagram.

Having eye catching ads for ecommerce on social media can have large and high impact on your business, thus choosing the right platform is important. Start advertising on Instagram and for any ecommerce business the best option would also be Instagram. Almost half of the market goes for Facebook and Instagram for ecommerce marketing and brand awareness. Every business owner who currently advertising on Facebook will also have an account in Instagram. The interesting fact is that Instagram ad campaigns run through Facebook ad manage. Posting it on Instagram as well as Facebook is easy, as the sellers just need to check their Instagram messages under each ads comment section to run it across both channels.


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