How to Boost Your Blog Traffic through Social Media

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic through Social Media

by jeslin March 13, 2018

People are changing their lives daily with blogging, whether it is through personal stories, building resources for others or using a blog to generate some extra money on the side. Traffic is one of the most important parameters for your blog; the more people who find your blog, the more people who will read your ideas. If you’re ready and willing to have your blog admired in the online community, then try a few different methods of increasing blog traffic. You’ll create better content in the end, and probably have dozens of new viewers each day.


                                                       Once you come up with a great blog idea.

                                                                   Then the real fun begins!

That was before millions of people were connecting with new people every day to exchange information — before social networks dominated online news distribution.

Your social media engagement and conversion rates have a lot to do with the kind of blog content you create. If the quality of your content is low, then most of your optimization techniques will be ineffective. In general, social media users prefer highly actionable and interesting content written in a fun way.

Doubling Your Traffic from Social Media

Many businesses are publishing content as a way to build their audiences and increase traffic to their websites. However, they may not be getting everything they expect from each piece of content they create. If you are serious about your content, then you also need to be serious about driving as much traffic to it (over social media) as possible. One great way to do this is to share your content on social media more than once. Sounds pretty simple, right? Let’s take a look at a hypothetical example:


Immediately after publishing a new blog post, we promote that post on social media. When we share it with each of our networks, we garner a certain number of clicks for each share.

Now, let’s discuss your message schedule, which simply is the series of messages that will be sent once your blog post goes live. The goal of the schedule is to create a “peppered” social media approach that will help you get more clicks. A well-executed schedule may look something like this:

  1. On publish– Social message sent when blog post goes live
  2. Same day– Initial social messages trickle out to your accounts over the next 2-3 hours
  3. Next day– Messages are shared again on the appropriate social channels
  4. Next week– Another series of messages are pre-scheduled and sent the following week
  5. Next month– Even more social messages are pre-scheduled for the following month
  6. Next _____ – Optionally, additional messages can be scheduled for the three-month mark or beyond

Once you’ve defined a good schedule for each network, you can map it out in a simple timeline that will give you a bird’s eye view of your content promotion. This is an important step in the process.


If you want to use social media to boost your blog traffic, here are those eight ways to do that:

  1. Get on Twitter. If it’s not already on your blog, add the“tweet” button to all of your blog posts.
  2. Start a Facebook page for your blog. This is a great, additional subscription option for heavy Facebook users, and it can be a means of expanding your platform. I’ve met several new people who “liked” my page and weren’t previously friends with me on Facebook.
  3. Regularly share your content on Facebook. There are some great tools to help make this easier for you. Encourage your readers to do the same by adding Facebook or “share” button.
  4. Ask others to promote your blog via social bookmarking sites, such as DIGG, Stumble upon, Reddit, and others. You may occasionally do this yourself, but be careful of doing it repeatedly, as some sites penalize sites with multiple submissions from the same user.
  5. Implement social sharing tools on your website.An excellent tool is Flare, which allows you to combine sharing options via Twitter, Facebook, email, and social bookmarking sites into one tool.
  6. Use a social-powered commenting tool like Discuss or Intense Debate.
  7. Write catchy headlines that people will want to  Most people neglect this by posting well-written articles with crappy, nondescript titles. Don’t do that.
  8. Write compelling content.You might be thinking, “Duh,” but I mean  It has to be really good. Like, better than your average blog.


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