by andria February 21, 2018

Importance of Content in Our Website

Today, nearly every online marketer knows that content is king. Regardless of how pretty and well organized your website or blog is, none of it matters if you don’t have the content to back it up. Your website content can make or break a business deal. You can draw viewers in or push them away with a single sentence, which is why it’s important to do your best to make an impact on your viewers within the first few seconds they stumble upon your page.


Content has become a “must” in the digital sphere. Not only does it drive people to your site, but it provides a lot of value. But what qualifies content as GOOD content on your website? Well, it doesn’t just mean content that’s well-written and free of spelling and grammatical errors. It means content that is:


  • Accurate and interesting
  • Fresh and regularly updated
  • Optimized with strategic keywords
  • Relevant to your target audience

Why good content matters for your website

Good website content can revolutionize an online marketing campaign. Conversely if website content is bad it can dilute the effect of an otherwise great campaign. So what makes great web content and why is it so important?

Good content matters a lot, and here are five reasons why:

Grab Attention

When people run across a blog or website that consistently fuels them with valuable insights and intriguing information, they will likely be frequent visitors. They’ll also be likely to pass your content around to all their friends online, increasing your reach even further.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

Good content also grabs Google’s attention, thanks to an algorithm update that gauges the quality of content based on several factors. These factors include bounce rates, time spent on website pages and how frequently the content is shared. Use relevant keywords to improve SEO on your blog and site pages and you can climb even higher on the search engine heap.

Impacts Your Reputation

Your homepage content is often the first impression people get of your entire company. Your blog and site pages give them an ongoing look at what your business is really like. Give them high-quality content that is as creative as it is intelligent, and they’ll have a solid view of your company. Give them shoddy content that really has nothing to do with their wants or needs, and they’ll merrily move into the arms of someone else.

Increases Odds of New Business and Sales

Whether it’s grabbing the attention of new visitors or helping to convert existing visitors into customers, content marketing can help rake in the sales. People unfamiliar with your brand are more likely to dig deeper to get to know you if they’re impressed by your content. Those who already know you and have been long impressed by your content have a good chance of sticking around when it comes time to purchase.

Teaches You about Your Audience

Blogging with quality content can help you learn more about your audience in several ways. For starters, you’ll get a real feel for their wants and needs when the content helps you interact with them. Responding to their comments can help build meaningful relationships, while reviewing your blog and page view stats can help you see what truly interests them – and what turns them off.

Updating the Content

The main factor in creating good content for a website is that the content should be updated regularly. Sites with frequently updated content are deemed more valuable in search engines and often visitors like to see new information or arrangements when they visit a site. It is important to work out what changes you can afford to implement in terms of time and money. Aiming to churn out large volumes of new content can push down the quality if adequate resources are not available. In this case it is better to use small changes to the main page or the addition of a blog to keep content fresh.

Good content can serve as the backbone and foundation of your entire brand, grabbing attention, improving your search rankings, fortifying your reputation, increasing conversions and teaching you more about your target audience. It also helps to ensure more and more people will want to learn more about you.

A Simple Tip: Offer a Lot of Quality Content

Someone who reads the content you share and likes it often wants more. You can never have too much content, but you can certainly have too little! Along with how often you share, how much you write is a big factor as well. Smaller blog posts, while quick and easy to read, often result in a higher bounce rate because they do not engage the reader or keep them wanting more. Blog posts of at least 1000 words are more likely to keep the reader clicking through other posts on your page because they want to learn more and read more of what you have to offer. The more content you have to offer, the more likely a reader is to check back on your blog or website often to see what has been updated. If you pair good writing and heavy content with these simple steps, your use of social media should be at its peak and you will inevitably gain readership.

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