Google helpful content algorithm update: what should we expect?

Google helpful content algorithm update: what should we expect?

by Nandhana August 31, 2022
Google helpful content algorithm update what should we expect

Last week, Google  announced that they started rolling out of one of the major update in the recent times- Helpful content algorithm update. Since then, the internet has been buzzing with rumours and news about this new update.. S0 Here’s the important things that you need to know about Helpful content algorithm update. Google has considered some queries about whether our sites are designed to help people or is it just to do well on search engines.  Mainly it focuses on content algorithm  which rewards peoples first content and it devalues the contents written for the search engines.

Here are six things you need to know when you’re creating people first content.

1.You shouldn’t stray too far from your main topic: stick on to your topic or content.

This is a case where your intended audience find the content useful if they come directly to you? Google is trying to tell people to just stick on to their topic or the area of expertise. And creating content instead of people first content, making it as content for search engine can mean you are publishing articles outside vocation.

For example, if you are doing a content on a topic on home theatres but because of the capitalisation on the high-volume keyword is another topic which is not related to the topic you are on. Thus, the article maybe helpful but if the audience coming to see the topic on home theatres will not be able to find it. need to demonstrate first-hand experience.

Google always advices us to not write or advice people something you have not personally experienced. But in creating content for search engine first it can include writing about products and services you haven’t used or tried first hand.

The reason is that when the author has no experience or idea about what they are writing about then the  content is not that helpful because they haven’t tried to give a good review about the product. And if you have tried or experienced the service and the product, you can make it clear with the original photo or insights.

3.Avoid combining multiple topics into one single site.

In this google is implying that websites must be vocational or a niche. But it is said that a website cannot be all to people, because it can be confusing for search engines trying to understand the site. It is always better to make the site particularly for one subject area. And if you wish to have content about different topics the you can create multiple websites.

4.Provide sufficient answers to searcher questions.

Google provides content which is helpful and it teaches people something or helps people accomplish a particular task. Content creation for search engine can involve writing a lot without saying anything in particular. But when it comes to writing content for people then you need to help them answer a question or help them resolve a concern that can lead the people to find your website in first place.

5.You shouldn’t Neglect the overall reader’s experience.

google reminds people to think about how they think about the overall experience of reading the content. There is a chance to meet all the above criteria’s and still not be able to satisfy your experience reading the content? The best example is when you’re reading a review of a product which is a first-hand experience but the review doesn’t have photos and videos, this can leave you unsatisfied. What a reader expects is a textual content and along with that they expect demonstrations of the product to satisfy what they have read.

6.If you don’t have a confirmed answer then avoid answering the question.

Google is trying to caution all the websites which are making claims that aren’t factual. Either you make it clear to the reader that it is a rumour and it is not confirmed as fact or you avoid answering question. It is a good choice to gain trust of the readers by not posting content about the rumours and untrue facts.


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