Google Local Panel “Hear About This Place” Feature

Google Local Panel “Hear About This Place” Feature

by Ananya November 07, 2022
Google Local Panel” Here About This Place” Feature

We all are users of Google. By providing the most detailed and upgraded information and data, google gained the trust of billions of users.

Recently google updated or carried out trials on its new feature so that we can hear about the place that we searched. By pressing the ’’Hear about this place” that is seen in a speaker icon near your search result users can hear the place they searched.

This feature is useful to the users of google. Without reading the whole information about your result you can hear about it when you are busy. It is also a great help to people who can’t see or read, the hearing information will helpful to them.

The ”hear about the place” feature is only available in some regions in western countries. However, they received some reports of this feature in a few places in India.

This amazing feature of google is really helpful to different people.


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