Google’s new feature – ‘About This Result’

Google’s new feature – ‘About This Result’

by Francis October 06, 2021
Google's new feature - 'About this result'

Now, Internet is a part of our daily life . Though deserving of trust, one must be careful treading the wonderful place that the internet is. We all use browsers to get to the places we want on the internet. And, Google is undoubtedly the most used of the browsers. They do have the interests of users and their well being in mind.

In this regard, they have introduced an ‘About This Result’ feature that would allow users to get more information about the search result that popped up with regard to their query. This has made Google more transparent, in a way, allowing users to trace the source of something without any hassle.

What does this feature contain and what to expect?

This feature contains a few details that you might find interesting and what to expect? We are not quite sure as the feature is still in it’s BETA phase and it’s too early to say anything.

Is this available here in India?

This feature has been available in the U.S. for quite some time and it is finally available here in India. It is not a finished, polished feature. It is still in early BETA, so, you must know there might be a few bumps here and there.

Where is this feature?

Search for anything and you’ll see 3 dots to the right of each result. Pressing that will bring up the “About” for that result.

What does it contain?

  • Website information

It contains general information about the website whose result you are checking up. This information is usually taken from Wikipedia and is cited so.

  • Why it showed up

There must be a reason as to why the result is relevant to your query. In this About, these are listed out. As of now, it is usually the keywords you used or something related to the keyword. It also states if other websites using the keywords have linked to this particular result (which makes it more relevant).

It will also let you know if an image related to your keyword is the reason you’re seeing a particular website.

  • Connection

It also states whether connection to the site is secure or not. Most of the times it is. This is a handy feature to avoid scams and clickbaits and non-secure sites in general.

  • Language

This also states which language the content of the particular webpage is written in.

  • Location relevance

The feature also allows us to know how a particular location is relevant to the query.  It simply states “Relevant for searches near ______”


This new feature clearly states whether it is an advertisement or not and also tells how one can distinguish between an advertisement and an organic Search Engine Result.

Why the ad?

This feature states why you got a particular advertisement. It might be either due to Google’s estimation of your location or things that may interest you according to your past activity on the browser.

Who put up the ad?

It also gives the advertiser’s name (who put up the particular advertisement) and their location (the country).

What about images and videos?

This feature does not support Images and videos as of now.

If by some chance, a video comes up as the most relevant, i.e., at the top of the results, the ‘About’ will show up and will say that it’s source us simply “from across the web”. This is the same for images. These videos and images are groused together and are only available on the ‘All’ tab.

If a video does pop up in the ‘all’ tab during a search, the about will contain information about the site on which the video is hosted (source). The other things listed are the same as what has been previously mentioned.

In case of results that pop up as a single word or sentence that Google sources from different places, the ‘About This Result’ feature says the information comes from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Learn more search tips

This sub-feature is currently unavailable. We can expect  it in the future.


Google also provides an option to send feedback on the given piece of information corresponding to a search result.


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