How to create a facebook business page easily

How to create a facebook business page easily

by Sraddha July 13, 2020
Social media marketing company in Kochi Kerala

During childhood days, when people asked us who we wanted to become, few were those who replied that they wanted to be a businessman or an entrepreneur. These fields were alien to us earlier and were considered to be composed of several risk factors. But those times have changed!

Students and youngsters are now into business and enterprises more than ever! Several factors such as Globalization have resulted in introducing positive opportunities in various dimensions, of which business is one such dimension.  Business is no longer a feared field for anybody. With the advent of internet and social media platforms, the number of customers availing services has also increased. But wait, for the negative side of this is a bit frightening. Imagine yourself as a user/ customer who is in search of a particular service. There would appear a lot of options for you to choose from. This is good for the customer, but not as good for the marketer as more options for the customer means more competitors for your products/services!

In order to ensure that your business is on top, there are certain things that you could do! To make sure of your business’s or products online presence is a MUST in the digital era in which we live now!! Social media platforms are very much engaged for promoting and advertising business nowadays.

Facebook as we all know ranks 1st in the existing social media platforms that has over 2.3 billion active users monthly. It would be the perfect option for you to introduce your business to facebook more than any other app because of the following reasons:

  • Facebook possess the highest traffic levels!
  • People tend to spend more than 1 hour on an average daily basis on Facebook.
  • Around 1 million of contents are shared by people on Facebook on every minute of every day.
  • Around 60% of the Facebook users are youngsters from the age group of 13-24

Here is how you can create a Facebook business page with the fewest steps:

  1. Register for a Facebook business page and add basic info:
  • You can create a business page in Facebook only through a personal account. Therefore login from a personal account to create a business page. You will be able to find a ‘create’ option on the right side of the blue tool bar at the top.
  • Select ‘page’ from the dropdown.
  • Two options would be provided to you to choose from :
  1. Business/Brand
  2. Community/ Public figure

(Most profit seeking businesses would choose Business/Brand)

  1. Enter information regarding your Business:
  • Provide the name you wish to have for your site.
  • The next step is to choose a business category that suits the best for your business type
  1. Upload your profile picture and cover picture:

Upload a profile picture and cover picture for your business. Mostly business pages would be having their logos itself as their profile pictures so that people can easily identify them.

Uploading a picture that is somehow related to your product or service is highly recommended and make sure that the picture is not blurred or cropped and has high resolution.

  1. Invite your contacts to like and share your page:

A strong customer/follower base is what you need in Facebook! You have to utilize your contacts to spread the info regarding your content to the fullest so that your page will get more visibility and popularity.  The ‘share’ button present would have ‘invited’ as a dropdown option from which you can invite people to your page.

  1. Fill ‘About’ option precisely.

You would able to see an ‘About’ option on the top left-hand side of your page wherein you would be asked to provide detailed business details regarding your products/services.

This is the place where you will be providing your viewers info regarding your services as well as your contact details. Make sure that you fill out all the essential blanks as this would help you rank higher in search engine results.

  1. Page more improved when “added a button”:

You would be able to view this option at the left hand side of the page right below the cover photo.  You are free to add anything such as: Contact, Book with us, Shop etc

It is indeed an important decision on what you ‘add’ as it would be acting as the ‘quickest response’ filed in your page. Including a relevant tool is for sure to help your business generate more leads!

  1. Pages individually doesn’t count if it’s not active:

Ensure that your Facebook business page remains active throughout as there is a tendency for customers to consider a ‘cold’, ‘non-responsive’ business page as not of any worth to spend their time in. Therefore it is advised by most of the digital marketing company in Kerala to keep your business page always active and responsive on Facebook!





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