Facebook messenger marketing and chatbots for growing your business

Facebook messenger marketing and chatbots for growing your business

by Sraddha September 21, 2020
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As one of the most influencing strategies present for today’s marketers, Facebook messenger’s marketing options have gained more popularity than ever in its history. It sprouted to the optimum level with the advent of chatbot options in the messaging platform thereby making it one of the biggest trends present in the field of marketing! But, it is a fact that there exist several people within our society who doesn’t possess the knowledge regarding the advantage of utilizing the marketing options presented by Facebook messenger and chatbots.

As one of the best digital marketing company in Kerala, we would like to impart some knowledge to you regarding why you ought to try the trending marketing strategies of Facebook messenger marketing and utilization of chatbots.

As the name itself suggests, chatbots are used for breaking down the complexity that exists in the communication process between the seller and customer. A Facebook messenger bot can be termed as automated messaging software that utilizes the uses of AI to communicate with people who would be potential customers when explained in terms of marketing.

The input and utilization of chatbot applications on messaging platforms will make it easy for you to maintain healthy and constant communication with your audience. Handling a Facebook messenger bot for marketing is very similar to that of email marketing. But unlike email marketing, chatbots will provide you much more audience and open rates!

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Let us analyze and understand the way these chatbots work!

  •      Identify your potential customers and leads

 There might arise a large number of queries from potential customers through the Facebook chatbots of which some might not be worth providing our time and attention. The Facebook chatbots possess the ability to understand the needs and urgency of the potential customers through the queries that are directed upon them. With the aid of AI, these chatbots can identify and filter high-quality leads from the huge mass of queries and direct them towards the human sales team of your business, thereby saving your employer time and efforts!

  •     Boost your online customer interaction an engagement

Won’t we all be satisfied and even feel flattered when a simply query of ours is replied with the uttermost personal touch and quality information? Of course, we would be! But this process can become pretty tiresome and consuming when done without any helping hands. This is where the Facebook messenger bots can lend you a helping hand! Facebook Messenger chatbots have the capability to retain information that has been gathered through customer interactions earlier and thereby provide instant and personalized replies to the queries of your business’s potential customers

  •     Far fewer marketing costs

Don’t we all very well know the huge amount of capital that is needed for formulating and inducing marketing strategies? Due to this tendency of marketing costs to be always expensive, many small-scale businesses find it very difficult to perform marketing in the correct ways. Facebook chatbots on the other hand are considered very cost-effective and of low cost too since the building of a Facebook messenger chatbot is free of cost. This is why these chatbots are considered one of the best applications that can be availed by small-scale businesses in a cost-effective way! Let your lead acquisition reach a faster pace with the help of Facebook Messenger chatbots.

  • Gather more participants through event registration drives Facebook Marketing Company in Kochi

Several companies and businesses corporations conduct marketing and other services through particular events that they would organize. Most of them will turn out as unfruitful with very low participation levels being marked. This scenario can be changed with the input of Facebook messenger chatbots! More participation can really be ensured by the utilization of these chatbots. The chatbots are the best application for you to communicate with your audience about the events and encourage them to participate in them by providing the opportunity for online event registration. There will exist more probability for your audience to sign up for the upcoming event if they are provided with very encouraging and thought-provoking content along with the picture and video content!

  •     Ping on your customer for notifying them of the latest content

There is no surety for your posts and contents to be viewed by all of the audience as it is just one in a few hundred notifications for them. But this is not the same scenario with the application of Facebook Messenger chatbots. These messenger chatbots will help you send notifications to your audience personally and thereby help your business acquire more reach! Don’t let the best of your content go unnoticed by your audience as mere posts. Let them have a chance to be updated with all your latest posts and contents which will help you to have an active account as well as more interaction with the audience.

  •    The smartest way for marketers to allure the attraction of the audience

There are many factors that attribute to the repute of Facebook messenger chatbots to be considered as the best option for gaining the attention of the audience. But the opportunity is not utilized to its optimum as only 1% of marketers are aware of its existence and advantages. Surveys have shown that the posts made through Facebook Messenger chatbots have the capability to gain more reach and users than the traditional organic posts can obtain. Most of the SMO companies in Kochi advise the application of Facebook Messenger chatbots for the growth of your business in the online medium as it is considered as the top growing marketing channel worldwide.


  •     Update your customers!

All are very much interested in looking out for the service/product they ordered to be received. How would it feel for the customers if you keep them updated and acknowledged on each and every step starting from the confirmation of their order!? They will surely be very much happy indeed. Make use of the Facebook messenger chatbots as a medium to keep your customers updated on each level of their order’s status.

 These are only a few of the most important aspects and advantages of the Facebook messenger chatbot applications. We hope that you have got an idea of what Facebook Messenger chatbots are, how they work and how exactly do they aid you in your business growth. There are indeed different ways in which you can increase your online reach of which the application of Facebook messenger is advised by most professionals. Although it might seem more suitable for small-scale businesses, it doesn’t mean that other types of businesses cannot use them. The application of these chatbots by any kind of business will only lead them to more heights only.


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