How to measure organic search visibility for SEO

How to measure organic search visibility for SEO

by Dona May 21, 2021
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Are you looking for a hike in your company’s reach?

Then it’s time to give a check on your organic search visibility for SEO. The search visibility score is the percentage of clicks your content is expected to have on the basis of your organic ranking position and through analyzing your keywords. You can take a glance at your search visibility and analyze how well your site is performing in the organic search results.

How are search engines ranked?

In the ranking section, you can find your search visibility on different days and how this varies on different platforms. At the top of each tab of your campaign rankings, you can find your search visibility. You can choose your area of focus for example if you are looking for an engine tab particularly it would show you a search visibility score based on the engines you are tracking. Similarly, if you take the competition tab it would show you search visibility of your page v/s your competitor’s page.

As a leading SEO marketing company in Kochi, we can now take a look at how you can calculate your search visibility.

  • Considering all your rankings for your keywords in function.
  • Taking estimated click-through rates for your content based on your Google rankings.
  • Add all of these CTRs and divide them by the number of keywords you use in the campaign. This would give you metrics ranging from 0- 100 percent when calculated to 2 decimal points.

Search visibility of 0 percent would mean that your pages do not have any position in the first fifty rankings of the search engine result page. Meanwhile, the other extreme of 100 percent would mean that you own all the ranking positions for your keywords. This is very rare to occur and usually, you would obtain a score above 30. On obtaining this score you can use it to track your search engine visibility as a whole, to compare your visibility to that of your competitors, and to compare your visibility in different platforms and search engines.

If you suddenly notice a change in your visibility rankings it is important to realize the factors that have caused this fluctuation.

The first reason for this can be the addition of new keywords and the removal of old ones from your campaign. This is because when the data set you used to check your visibility changes the search visibility result will also automatically change. When you remove a highly ranked keyword your visibility ranking would go down and if you add a much-valued keyword there would be a hike in your visibility. You can check within your ranking section and find out what has caused the change.

The second reason could be a change in rankings for the keywords you have employed. You could check this too in the ranking section where you can find how many of your keywords are in the ranking. You can also figure out which keywords have dropped from relevance.

The third reason might be addition, removal, or a change in your tracked search engines.  This would lead to a change in your search visibility because your site would have different rankings on different platforms you choose to track.

The fourth reason could be algorithm changes as Google often makes changes to their ranking algorithms. Eventually, these changes would affect your ranking and search visibility. You can check this within your campaign in the ranking section of your search visibility graph. If there is any change an algorithm update would be noted there.

Another reason could be migration to a new domain. If there has been any change in your domain from domain HTTP to HTTPS your overall ranking might be affected. You could check whether there has been a change in your domain by consulting your web developer or hosting provider.

Now if you are looking for better search visibility here we, one of the top SEO company in Kerala provide you a few tips to follow.

  • Target Long-Tail Keywords

One of the mistakes that many commit are of choosing keywords that have got many searches without thinking about its competitive aspect. Go for a keyword that is not competitive. Long-tail keywords are best for this as they have very limited competition in Search engine result pages.

  • Check your website’s mobile-friendliness

Google usually avoids sites that are not mobile-friendly these days. So check with Search Console to see if your website has any technical glitches when viewed on mobile phones

  • Improve your Title and Description Tag

Organic click-through rates are one of the key factors in determining your ranking. How can you get more people to click your result? The answer is simple. Just make your titles attractive, compelling them to click and see what it has to provide. Similarly, your meta description should be informative to sell your content.

  • Backlinks from prominent sites

If you are looking for better search engine visibility trying backlinks is a must. You should always try getting backlinks from your niche for a far better reach.

  • Content Dwell Time

Google would rank a page higher than the other based on many factors. One of them is how much time a person spends on your page or dwell time. If someone clicks on your page and press the back button within a few seconds it would imply that your page is not providing them the information they are looking for. This would drag you down in ranking. On the other hand, if a person spends so many minutes on your page it means your content is worth reading. So look for tips that would increase dwell time like an enthralling content title, infographics, cite the author, and last updated date.

  • Try to push second-ranking pages to first

Studies suggest that people always go for first ranking pages and ignores the second naturally. It might be a silly mistake that is pushing down your content to second-ranking. Figuring out where you are lagging behind might help you reach first. You could try improving your content’s search intent, add more content so that your blog is much more informative, also add screenshots, charts, videos to make your content more interactive.

Don’t wait any longer and lag behind! Contact us, a leading digital marketing company in Kerala, and boost up your search visibility for SEO.


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