What is meant by Keyword mapping?

What is meant by Keyword mapping?

by Simone January 19, 2023
Keyword mapping

Keyword mapping is the process of assigning target Keywords to pages on your website. A Keyword map is typically  completed  with the use of a spreadsheet, such as an Excel or Google sheets file.

Why is Keyword mapping is important?

Keyword mapping is important because it will allow you to group your target Keywords based on topics and search intent. This will help your site’s  content strategy. it also allows you to map your site’s internal linking strategy and this will also allow you to record and monitor relevant metadata or other on page data for your pages in your Keyword map.

There are mainly four types of keyword mapping, they are Commercial,  Transnational, Informational, Navigational. Let’s identify what these types with short breakdown of each type.

  • Just start with keywords research and analysis, this will help you initially itself.
  • Categories each and every topic into main topic or what you like.
  • Assign your sets of keywords to individual pages or multiple within your keyword map.
  • Prepare and try to advance individuals URLs
  • Regularly update and track your Keyword map.

For understanding what is keyword mapping here is a simple example for you, keywords and phases that people try to search in Google to find what they are looking for, for an example  if we are looking in search of a nice ‘branded shoe’ we will search like that itself. Even though that phrase consists of  many words but, it’s still a keyword.

All over the world people knows about this keyword mapping but, still there are many who don’t know about this.

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