Enhance your Google’s Ad quality using these techniques!

Enhance your Google’s Ad quality using these techniques!

by Sraddha August 25, 2020
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what exactly is Google Ads and how will it help a business platform to gain popularity?

If you are in search of finding ways for popularizing your business on the online platform, Google Ads would be the perfect tool for you to start off with! These ads that would be displayed on Google’s search engine results are sure to benefit your business in one way or the other! As one of the best digital marketing agency in Kerala, we would like to help you understand what exactly Google Ads are and how its performance can affect your business! The tool which was formerly named Google Ad words was created in the year 2000 as an online digital marketing platform for encouraging more small-scale and large-scale businesses to be involved in the virtual world of the internet. Most of the social media marketing companies in Kerala encourage businesses to utilize Google Ads services to achieve more reach and visibility in a global manner.

Google Ads is the best existing online platform that offers to display paid advertisements briefly! The advertisement could be of anything ranging from offers, services, video contents, etc.

What all are the benefits of Google Ads

  • Google Ads has the ability to increase the level of brand awareness to such a height that no other applications can compete with them on this fact!
  • You would be able to measure the overall performance of your online activities constantly.
  • Google Ads can help your business to be advertised on Gmail inboxes and thus increase brand awareness and visibility. This factor is a unique advantage of possessing Google Ads as no other application have the access to Gmail inboxes.
  • With all these factors mentioned above along with some other positive actions of the application, it’s a guaranteed aspect that your business will surely able to tackle with competitors and the competitions they provide in a much better way!

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Here is some suggestion so that you would be able to utilize the Google Ads service to its optimum from now on:

  1. Make sure that your landing page loads quick enough:

This is a factor that can be seen common to both the improvement of web ranking as well as for the enhancement of the quality of your Google Ads. Your viewers and customers will never be happy if your landing page takes too much time to load. They won’t be wishing to spend their time on your page and as a result, your page would receive comparatively high bounce rates. Google lays emphasis on this factor and views it as a criteria for presenting their Ads. Let Google know that your business page is customer-friendly by boosting your page’s loading time!

  1. Ad landing pages made more interesting by inserting videos

Recent studies and surveys around the world suggest the emphasis given on video content by internet users nowadays is very high! People find video content more worthy as they provide both visual representation and more information regarding the product/service that they intend to purchase. Make sure to place great video content so as to make your page interesting and informational so as to uplift the repute of your Ad landing page!

  1. The audience is your trump card!

It’s a universal fact that there will never be any existence to the business if not for the audience and their interests. Knowing your audience, therefore, is a crucial factor to aid the advancement of your product/service. Understand the need and interest of your target customers so that you would be able to mold your Google Ad campaigns! Your customer’s interest if presented properly in your Ad campaigns will provide you with positive results by increasing your Ad’s quality.

  1. Keywords matter

Not only do keywords play a vital role in the ranking of your web page but also in the process of uplifting your Ad’s quality. Having your initial keyword search in the correct way can be considered as the first step to attain greater Ad quality! Improve the visibility of your content by inserting the most suitable and appropriate keywords for your Ad campaign to get worldwide visibility and fame! Your Ad campaigns should also make sure of the utilization of long-tail keywords as they possess more probability to bring your page more traffic, than to customers that are highly targeted i.e. the significant ones.

  1. Negative Keywords also can assist your growth

We had always been aware of the fact that keywords are indeed one of the necessary aspects to promote the visibility and quality of a website’s content. But what most people did not know is yet another fact that negative keywords also can assist you for the same purpose, if done in the correct way with deep research given into the subject matter.

Keep an eye on your search terms for negative keywords always as the addition of negative keywords will assist in improving your website’s quality score and thereby increase its reach as this action will eliminate the risk of irrelevant keywords misguiding people from your ad or landing page.

  1. Google Ad extensions to enhance your Ad’s quality

Many of us would be hearing this term for the first time. Google Ad extensions are referred to as additional information that can help you understand and achieve more insight on how you could expand your ways of the advertisement so as to make it useful for more and more people. Automated calling and click to call are such extensions and are automated and added to your ad.

If utilized in the proper way, it will help you increase your CPR by increasing the number of users who are willing to click and view your ads! Insertion and application of such compelling extensions are sure to provide you with the desired and positive outcome as they tend to give out more informative content through your ads.

  1. Responsive search ads to gain more attention

How much ever we try, ads from business campaigns can sometimes be viewed with a sense of boring by the customers and individuals. This is the exact scenario where the usage of at least one responsive search ad to the campaign can benefit the most! The addition of more search ads will automatically result in the insertion of more description fields and headlines, thus enabling a site/campaign to provide more information about its services and products.

These are only a few among many ways that would help you to enhance the Google Ads quality! These tactics are sure to help you gain or improve your Google quality score as well as that of your ad campaign’s performance.

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