Top Digital Marketing Trends to watch out in 2022

Top Digital Marketing Trends to watch out in 2022

by Francis January 31, 2022
digital marketing trends

It’s 2022 and the digital world is wrapping itself around us…literally. At least the Metaverse which is upon us is doing that. ‘Digital’ is now inseparable from our daily lives. So, the ‘digital’ is absolutely indispensable for marketing at present. It seems like something new pops up every night.

You must have recently come across NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Goes to show how much a grasp the digital world has on marketing. It leads us to our first trend that you can expect to see sometime in 2022.



This has raised quite the commotion last year. We’ve seen how volatile these are. Yet, they are amazing and could be the future of digital marketing. You will know how twitter had its ups and downs with cryptocurrencies (if you know what I’m talking about). Companies might start accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies that are stable and which they find reliable to invest in. That is one huge leap that can be expected this year.

This will reshape the whole world of digital marketing. If it is to happen, it will open many doors in the marketing sector.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Many big shots in the digital world have been working tirelessly on Artificial Intelligence the past years that saw the pandemic tear through our lives. As the digital world moves forward, so will the marketing world if it is to keep up with the new customer likes and preferences.

Marketers have begun to optimize their pages and products for Artificial Intelligence to make it accessible to a wider spectrum of customers. The digital natives will move onto AI even in it’s testing stage if given the chance. And, marketers must be one step ahead. Be there when they make the shit or before; not after.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to aid marketers in the form of automation and such. You can find more about Artificial intelligence and its impact on the marketing field here.

Voice Search

Voice Search

This comes under Artificial Intelligence but, I think it deserves a special place. With devices like Echo, Alexa and such, people use their voice to navigate the web and find the right products and even buy them. With this in mind, make sure you are optimized for the world that moves according to each command a customer utters.



With compact devices being talked about, you can’t leave out Smartphones. What’s so new about them? It’s not the smartphones that are new. They’ve been around and have not been given the importance they received until recent years. They are useful, no doubt. But, they are- mini computers. We often forget that.

Thankfully, this mindset is changing and smartphones are being put first. Webpages are getting increasingly optimized for these small devices. We can continue to see the smartphone grow in importance the coming year. With beasts of smartphones with hardware that surprises you getting released, this is only to be expected.


Influencer Marketing

‘Internet influencer’ has almost become a job title. But, you can leverage influencers for your company’s benefit. Influencers have the influenced. They’re popularly called followers. Influencers who like a company can become brand ambassadors…sort of. These followers of an influencer trust their icon. If you can get an influencer to promote your product, you have all these followers converted into potential leads.

It’s like merging two fan bases. I mean merging the customer base of two companies. This is a great way to reach more people and get more customers. There’s an added bonus if you form a bond with a particular influencer and get him to constantly root for your products. Now, that is going to make you more reputable and make you seem trustworthy. Over time you become reputed enough for people to turn to your products without any kind of advertisement.

Customer takes priority

Customers have always been King. In the digital world you will see that you do not try to convert everyone you see into potential leads. You find what the customer needs and play the tune. You do your job perfectly and the customer will attract more customers. The customer is a magnet for other customer. His connections and his connection’s connections will all find their way to you if you take one person’s requirements into consideration.

New ways of targeting

Be it through Artificial Intelligence or research or other statistics, we are going to see a whole lot of versatility in targeting customers. The marketing world is getting really innovative. Thanks to the pandemic, the monotonous flow has been stopped and there is a brainstorming of ideas everywhere.

More interactive content

People get really bored really fast. We have always know this and have tried our best to capture the attention of the audience. Coming out on top has its perks in the marketing field. And, to stay on top, we are going to see highly interactive content in the near future. Content that is finely tailored for each customer so that they receive what they think undivided attention.

With Artificial Intelligence and years of experience, we could finally be onto the best interactive seller-buyer era. Content with almost no dead end is what we expect to see this year.

Video Marketing Uprise

Video Marketing

People are very easily bored of things. They can just as easily be entertained. Just change the stationary words into moving words. What I mean is, instead of plain text conveying your thoughts to your customers, let videos do the work. Videos hold the attention of a customer much longer and are more entertaining. That  the main reason of why YouTube has gained a massive popularity recently.

With the digital market getting increasingly competitive, we are bound to see new promotional videos every month if not every week.

A blend of social and marketing

Social Media

When stuck at home, people try different ways to connect with friends and family. Most of them do it through messaging platforms. There lies an opportunity for messaging apps to collaborate with various digital marketers who wish to promote and sell their wares through the messaging medium.

When both parties see benefits, it’s a decided deal.

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