Facebook has new ways to generate leads and connect with customers.

Facebook has new ways to generate leads and connect with customers.

by Francis October 26, 2021
Facebook has new ways to generate leads and connect with customers.

Facebook is not as impressive as it once was. It is more of an ancient relic these days. But, it is still a major platform that businesses consider when advertising their brand and products.

Facebook is still useful in that regards. It is not entirely useful. A large number of people are still on Facebook and they do get online. Lead generation might not be as impressive as we would expect. Facebook plans to change that, it seems.

They have developed a few features which are still in testing and are not available to the public. Businesses are going to get a boost from this when the big update drops. Facebook seems to have read the souls of the various entrepreneurs hoping to make it big.

Let’s get a sneak peek at the various tools and new features that Facebook has come up with. Please note that these are still being tested.

Versatile Messaging

Facebook’s counterparts — WhatsApp, Instagram are doing way better than Facebook in a lot of things. Whatsapp, for example is more suited for messaging than Facebook. And, Instagram has gathered a huge base and many people have permanently switched over to Instagram from Facebook. Facebook has undoubtedly lost it’s out of the box freshness.

So, Facebook advertisements will come with an option to start chat in other platforms owned by Facebook like WhatsApp and Instagram. All the business talk can be carried out where the customers are more comfortable.

Requesting Quotes

Facebook has made it easier to get quotes by automating the whole process. Businesses can make questions regarding the thing and according to the responses by the customers, they will get a quote.

The Merge

Facebook will be kind of flowy in that. it will help you generate leads in other platforms owned by Facebook (like Instagram). That’s a good move from the part of Facebook. This is a win for businesses who are trying to get leads in multiple platforms.

The different platforms working together can ensure wider reach and target and audience copies can be identified faster, leading to more conversion rates. This is an unexpected surprise that would be welcomed.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is made especially for businesses trying to get leads and all the good stuff on Facebook.

First, it tries to enable e-mail responding from within the platform. This would make things much easier and would save time switching between two entirely different platforms with entirely different UIs.

Second, it brings a file manager from where you can manage your posts.

Third, they give you a much awaited option of tracking how well your ads are doing. Imagine you have two similar ads. With the help of this feature, you can know which of the two posts is performing better and engaging customers. This will help you in future campaigns and can give you clarity on which direction to take with the advertisements you have planned.

Accounts for the Business Person

Facebook is introducing a new kind of account — a business account. This is for the people who strictly log in for business related stuff. With a business account, you can use the manager that we mentioned before without creating a normal account and going through the hassle of establishing it as a business-related account.

This will help businesses to manage employees and their accounts, which at the moment is not really easy. The features are expected to be launched to the public in 2022. Well, can’t imagine how it is going to be then. Undoubtedly, this is going to bring back a few users who instinctively quit Facebook.


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