WhatsApp is rolling out some New Features!

WhatsApp is rolling out some New Features!

by Ananya May 10, 2022
WhatsApp is rolling out some New Features!

Whatsapp is rolling out a new major update and some new features are coming on board for all whatsapp Users.

Now the Admins can delete the Messages.

Gone are the days of WhatsApp admins looking at members’ toughness as helpless. Whatsapp is changing from the old style to the new style where the admins get the power to delete messy messages.

The maximum number of group members can be doubled. With the new update, you can send an entire movie through WhatsApp if needed.

According to the Users needs the Makers are adding new features and making it available in the coming weeks at various stages.

For every single message, the users can use emoji reactions for easy communication is one the latest update WhatsApp is providing. Apart from this, these are the latest updates announced by WhatsApp.

  • The limitation of 256 members in a group will be increased to 512 members. This is to help Businesses and various organisations, because of the limitation of 256 people the same organisation had to form multiple groups.
  • With the help of the new update, If a group member posts any unwanted message the admins can delete it by long pressing the message.
  • Files upto 2 GB in size can be sent as currently 100 MB files can only be sent. With the rising limit of Files size an entire movie can be shared with others. WhatsApp also strongly protests against the misuse of Telegram, Messenger and Movie Piracy which can share large files.
  • Up to 32 people can be added to a voice call at a time, where as currently only 8 people can be added. For more than 32 people voice call, we can use the existing group system itself.

There is no need of worrying if the new updates are working even after the updating WhatsApp. In a few weeks it will reach all the lines.

Emoji Reaction Feature of WhatsApp.

Emoji reactions help the users to react individually to each message with an emoji. This feature is already available on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger Applications.

Nowadays Emoji reactions are gaining more popularity among the general public. It has become an alternative way to text-based replies primarily a nonverbal way of responding to a text message. The main benefit of using it is that it can convey emotions for a specific message.

  1. Way to get Emoji Reaction in WhatsApp.

First of all, we need to download or update the most recent version of the WhatsApp mobile application from the Google Play Store if it’s Android or from Apple App Store if it’s IOS. Even after updating the application still, you don’t see Emoji reactions on WhatsApp, it’s owing to the package update delivery is rolling out server-side. It might take only a few weeks for everyone to get this feature available.

  1. Steps to best know before reacting to a message on WhatsApp Mobile.

  • Update the most recent version of WhatsApp via google play Store or Apple App Store
  • Double-tap or Long-press on a message.
  • Six totally different emojis will appear on the screen.
  • Select from one of the reactions and click on it.
  • In the form of a notification, the emoji reaction will be sent to the user.
  • Exactly like on Instagram, The reactions will be displayed below the messages.
  1. Steps to best know before reacting to a message on WhatsApp Desktop.

  • Download the most recent version of the WhatsApp application.
  • Open up a chat.
  • Move the mouse over messages sent by others and check if an emoji icon appears near the messages.
  • Select one of the reactions from the available options and click on it.
  • In the form of a notification, the emoji reaction will be sent to the user.
  • Exactly like on Instagram, The reactions will be displayed below the messages.
  1. The six different Emoji Reactions offered by WhatsApp:

  • Thumbs Up.
  • Heart.
  • Face with tears of Joy.
  • Face with mouth Open.
  • Crying Face.
  • Person with folded hands.

WhatsApp also promised to that sooner or later the support for all the emojis and skin tones that we can typically use in messages.

  1. Platforms which offer Emoji Reactions.

  • Instagram, Facebook and Messenger are the Meta-owned applications and services that have had this feature for a while now. In these applications, the users can simply long-press or double press or simply move their mouse pointer on the message or comment to open the emoji reaction popup.
  • Zoom — allows the users to send meeting reactions. This video conferencing platform offers two options – one is the standard emojis as quick action and the other one is where the users can select any emoji as the meeting reaction.
  • Microsoft Teams – also provides the feature of Emoji reaction for teams meetings. It only offers quick reactions where the users need to hover their mouse over the message and select from the available options.
  • Google Messages — Google also recently added this feature in the Messages application and allows the user to respond to a text message by means of a standard set of emojis.
  • iMessage – Apple was the first to introduce the idea of Emoji Reactions. This quick messaging application allows the users to react to a text message using emojis by a simple long-press or double-tapping on the message.
  • Google also recently announced that the Emoji Reactions will be coming to YouTube, Docs and Meet.

Since this feature is currently in its introduction stage, it might not be available to all users. There are more than two billion users around the world who are currently using WhatsApp and it’s normal that this feature takes a few days before being accessible to all the users.

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