Digital marketing trends 2021

Digital marketing trends 2021

by Dona January 20, 2021
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What is the future of digital marketing in 2021?

Goodbye 2020!! A revolutionary year that turned in to change many of our lives upside down. 2020 has also brought in a new technological revolution with many more companies turning to digital marketing realizing its plethora of benefits. Once you dive into a technologically parallel universe there is never a turning back. Digital marketing agency in Kerala would be one industry that has made much from this rapid shift from offline mode to the online mode of purchase .2021 would be a year that would push companies to achieve the zenith benefits of digital marketing. New trends and modes have already set in to adapt to this new online culture.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Kochi, we here introduce you to some current trends in digital marketing.

  • Purchase over discovery:

The pandemic conditions of 2020 have pushed customers largely to rely on social media and internet facilities to their maximum. Earlier customers came to know about a brand and its products through social media platforms but only a few of them took the risk to buy them online too. However, the recent statistics reveal that many more customers are willing to try online shopping and many of them are happy clients. 2021 would definitely show an escalation in online customer numbers making it and year of online purchase.

  • Personalization to make your customers feel special:

Personalization is already on the streaking light in 2021. If you want to lure your customers to visit your pages often and make more purchases personalization is today’s best option. This could be done through personalized emails, suggestions, content, products, and much more. 90 percent of your audience find personalized as very appealing and 80 percent in a recent survey claimed that they are more likely to do business with a company that provides a personalized experience.

  • Chatbots to rule 2021:

Chatbots are now widely used by many companies to provide interactive sessions for anyone who visits their page. They are artificial intelligence-based bots that reply to any queries made within seconds. Many customers now prefer interacting with Chatbots over human assistance since they are available all through the day, give instant response and memorize all of their purchasing histories. Also, introverted people are given their preferred way to text instead of an embarrassing call. You could focus on other aspects of your business while these virtual assistants would provide outstanding customer service for your company.

  • Video Marketing – visually appealing marketing

Customers love to watch and share Innovative videos that appeal to their aesthetic sense and convey information about your brand at the same time. Videos will have a lasting impact on the audience’s mind rather than plain text. With video marketing reformatting your content also gets easier. You could transcribe your video to obtain textual content and upload it to other platforms. Different types of video marketing have also set foot in campaigning.

  • Live video

Business pages going live is a new trend gaining wife popularity and reception among the audience. They have proved useful to conduct interviews, present product manufacturing details, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the company, etc…

  • Videos

This is when a business page sends a personalized video to their customer instead of sending a message or making a call. High-quality cameras within your smartphones and a wide range of active online customers have made this easier than ever.

Video SEO is becoming equally important as content SEO these days. A little effort from your side to this new mode of marketing would take your business to great heights.

  • Influencer Marketing–Let them give you a helping hand

Marketing using celebrities with a huge fan base is not a new concept in marketing. However, what has changed is the nature of celebrities and the mode of their promotion. Social media influencers have taken over this from film celebrities and they promote their content through social media stories or posts. Choosing the correct influencer would work wonders for your company. So start looking for a person who has a large fan base with the least number of fake followers and most likely to give out a positive return on investment.

  • Social Messaging Apps – befriend your customers

Social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are where many of your potential customers hang out. The wide popularity of these apps also shows the wide scope it opens for your marketing. Messaging your clients on these apps would increase your brand authenticity as customers start to view you as someone in their contact list easy to approach. They would appreciate it highly as it makes interaction much easier within the platforms they are comfortable in.

  • Visual search – let them see your brand accessibility

The visual search takes the open to explore for the customer to a new dimension. It means you could search for a product accurately if you have a photo of it make the whole process easier as all similar products would pop up. Google lens and Pinterest lens have already hit the market as a colossal success.

  • Micro-moments to mark a macro difference

A Micro moment in the context of marketing means the instance where a potential customer turns to a device or site with an intention to make a purchase. Identify such moments and entrancing your potential customer to your page would make a large difference for your sale. Being there in those moments of need redirecting your customers to relevant content and products would lead you to potential sales.

  • Voice search: let their voices be answered

This has risen up the bar in recent years with the advent of smart speakers and this number is expected to rise up more in recent years. It enables you to convey accurate information instantly and for the consumers, they have a feeling that you are just a call away. The only point to keep in mind is to avoid errors and misguidance.

  • Interactive Contents

Content still rules as a king in the digital marketing empire but only that it too has undergone a few changes. Contents have grown more interactive these days engaging your audience too in the process rather than treating them as passive viewers. Polls and quizzes augmented reality ads and 360-degree videos have helped greatly to attain this effect. People today also look for such fresh and engaging content because it makes them feel more connected to those brands.

These are only a few of the many new trends that have set foot in 2021. As a leading digital marketing company in Kochi, we too are looking forward to trying these new trends and extract their possible outcomes. 2021 would definitely be a great year for digital marketing companies in Kerala. Go for it!!!

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