Falling website traffic? Top 9 ways to turn it around

Falling website traffic? Top 9 ways to turn it around

by Unnimaya April 27, 2021
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Having issues with your website traffic?

All website needs a constant stream of traffic to generate income and hence it’s necessary to boost website traffic. A fall in website traffic can happen due to many reasons. Page load speed, drop-in keyword ranking are some of the main reasons for such a fall. An increase in the competition can also be a reason for the drop in your website. Before making decisions, you need to confirm the actual cause of this. Make sure that it’s not the mistake from the company side that caused a drop in traffic. Deleting tracking code accidentally can show no traffic on your page and likewise, holidays, load shedding, or any social issues can also be the reasons. As a leading web design company in Kochi, we can help you tackle these issues easily. If the reason for your traffic loss is something beyond technical or external issues.

Then you have to boost your traffic with the help of the following steps.

  • Penalty check:

Getting a penalty from Google can result in the immediate decline of traffic to your website. These penalties may be due to black hat or else content that is plagiarized. Any notification of such penalties from Google should be taken seriously. If found such a notification, you need to immediately remove the content and thus regain your traffic.

  • Check backlinks:

Sometimes fall in the traffic can be caused by your backlinks. The more authority websites link to you, the more traffic you attract. Sometimes these links can be lost due to the site updates. You can ask the owner to restore these. Picking up backlinks from trustable sites can increase your traffic and if your page is linked to a spam page, Google may believe that you have paid for it and are using black hat practices. This can affect your site badly and can lead to problems. If found any such problems, you should ask the site to immediately remove the link. If not agreed then you can reject this link with the help of Google. Quality backlinks are important for your site, you should always keep a check on your backlinks if found a drop in your website traffic.

  • Spy of competitor:

Constant check on competitors is important. Sometimes they can be the reason for your traffic loss. They might have taken your place. Their content may attract more people than users. When such a situation arises, you can either go for a head-to-head competition if you have resources or use new strategies and keywords which your competitor has not used. This may help you regain your lost traffic.

  • Trace your golden past:

A sudden redesign to your site can make your traffic fall. People need time to adjust to the changes and to understand how to use them properly. Making the user experience simple can attract more clicks. If still there is no increase in traffic, it’s time for you to change the user experience.

  • Comparing traffic channels:

If it’s the paid traffic that is falling, it’s probably because you have stopped investing in ads. Branded traffic is those which you get when the user directly visits your websites and not with any referred links. Comparing branded and unbranded traffic is also necessary. If users directly search for your site, it can increase the ranking which will lead to more traffic. Due to any PR issue, your branded traffic can also fall.

  • Pausing your advertisement:

Visitors may come to your site due to paid advertisements like google ads. Sometimes investing in paid traffic can reduce your organic traffic. To understand whether your paid advertisement is working or not is by pausing your advertisement. By this, you can understand whether traffics is as expected or not.

  • Boasting ranking of your site:

Boosting the ranking of a site is necessary. Maybe your place has been taken by any other website. To know more about boosting your site consult us as we are one the best website development company in Kerala.

  • Other Issues:

In some cases, your keyword ranking may be well and you may have the same volume of keywords. Sometimes, it may be the user not searching for your sites or keywords. This may be because Google has decided to give the answers in the answer box which is more convenient for people. It can reduce the traffic to your site, as people get answers before their click. To tackle this, you need to change your content entirely or make your content in a different way in which people have no way but to open your site to understand it better. This could help you boost your traffic or regain the lost website traffic.

  • Checking page type and traffic type:

Falling in website traffic can help you find which pages are surfing the most. You can understand whether, it’s the blog page, homepage, category page, or even the product page. This can give you a closer look at why your website has lost traffic. If it’s because of the blog page, you can invest more in your content section. For more marketing help contact the best digital marketing agency in Kerala or the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

It is always difficult to gain lost trust likewise it’s difficult to gain the lost traffic of the hour website. A sudden drop in traffic to your page can be the result of the change you made recently in a hurry. So the first attempt should be to undo the change so that traffic may flow just like before. Simple reasons like slow download can give a big impact on your traffic. The users do not have enough patience to wait for the page to download. They immediately go for another page as they need a fast answer for their query. You should always take care of even the small reason that can lead to minimum traffic to your website. Offering the best user experience and providing worthy content can attract users to your website and increase traffic. By increasing the traffic of your website, you can come on top of the search result.

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