How businesses can improve visibility of their Apps/Website through SEO/ASO

How businesses can improve visibility of their Apps/Website through SEO/ASO

by Unnimaya February 05, 2021
Digital Marketing Company in Kerala

If you aren’t convinced that ASO/SEO is a good online strategy, you will be after reading this.

Why you should consult a digital marketing company?

Your business obviously has a purpose. You do business to earn profits. How can you earn a profit, if your brand is not visible to your customers? How could you make your brand visible to such a huge public? By giving correct information and regularly publishing relevant content that is based on your business, you have the chance to reach more customers through search engines. As a digital marketing company in Kochi, we can assure you that through our services you can reach your customer’s way before others.

So how can a digital marketing company in Kochi Kerala, such as ours help you in getting more customers? – Yes through SEO/ASO

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is an easy way to increase the traffic of your website through organic search engine results. They are the fundamental part of digital marketing.

How can SEO benefit a business?

 Boosts Inbound Traffic:

The business aims to target more customers but in a cost-effective way. Many businesses now rely on SEO for marketing their business with the help of long-tail keywords, fresh content, etc. SEO can help to attract more customers and also to top the search list. Such a cost-effective way of marketing can help you to concentrate more on your business and less on advertising.

Builds trust and credibility:

Just like in life, it is very difficult to built trust overnight.  It takes great patience and time for bringing trust among the customers. SEO tries to build a strong foundation for a business that is easily discoverable due to the trust and credibility of the brand. Machine-learning signals, positive user behavior are all elements to establish authority. Establishing authority relies on how you are truthful to the customers and the services provided to them so that they can trust a brand.

Better user experience:

It is necessary to build a strong user experience just like Google. Even though there are other search engines, people use Google to find the answers and Information. Why does everyone rely on Google for the answers? Because they give answers and information in fewer clicks. SEO builds a positive user experience making it work in the brand’s favour.

How local SEO helps:

Local optimization focuses on the town, region, and cities which establish the brand’s messaging on a local level. The purpose is to optimize your digital properties to a specific zone so that people could get it easier and quicker. By this, it gets one step closer to the transaction.

Updating Information:

Changes are common and that’s how the search world works. You should be updated with the changes in the Google algorithm. It is only by these changes that you could try not to fall far behind because if gone it’s difficult to come back. SEO ensures that is avoided.

Understanding the environment of the web:

To top the lists you have to understand the major changes of the World Wide Web. These changes make you change your patterns so that you reach the top of search results. Knowing these changes may include knowing about the competitors which are beneficial for the brand. As the visibility of your brand increases, growth increases. SEO and ASO are somewhat similar. ASO is referred to as app store SEO. Both share some similarities, but one is for websites and the other is for apps.

ASO stands for App store optimization which is an easy way to increase the visibility of your app and game in an app store with the objective of increasing organic app downloads. It includes creative updates.

Why App should base business focus on ASO?

Over 2 million apps available on the App Store and bringing your app on the front is the biggest task. According to different data published, the number of apps downloaded in 2021 has been drastically increased from that of 2018. It is also proved that people are interested in-app Store search and about 60% tend to download it. Hence every brand whose revenue is dependent on an app-based business should focus on ASO. To optimize an ASO you could use keywords wisely, describe your app well, focus on the icon design, give quality screenshots, add app preview video, encourage positive reviews, and so on…As a digital marketing company in Kerala, we can help you by providing ASO services.

Here are some benefits of this strategy:

Increases Organic Installs:

If implemented correctly, ASO can improve the visibility of your app and which will increase the app installs organically and lower the cost.

Increases Revenue:

Once people start downloading your app, you could monetize your app to earn profits.

Get Worldwide Recognition:

If the app is available worldwide with multiple language options, it can increase the number of users and hence reach worldwide recognition.

Encourages downloads:

ASO helps your app to reach a wider audience but an effective ASO might even pursue people to download it.

Cheaper than other means:

ASO is the most cost-effective marketing method. Even though you are new to the business and your budget is low, ASO could help you with it.


Giving your entire budget to paid marketing techniques may increase the sales but in a short term. By continuous and regular effort, you can keep those Organic downloads coming in and hence maintain the ranking.


As you can see, SEO/ASO can help to increase Website/App visibility. Once you master both, you will feel they are extremely good and can definitely help to boost sales if used properly. Some think they are outdated techniques but, they are a must-try for profit earning businesses. They increase the visibility of the brand, reaching wider customers. They increase your ROI and increase your sales. As a digital marketing company in Kochi, we could provide you with SEO/ASO services. This could help your brand reach a wider audience and greater heights.

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