Tips to make your YouTube videos viral!!

Tips to make your YouTube videos viral!!

by Unnimaya June 09, 2021
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YouTube is becoming the most used social media to promote content and ideas through videos. More than 2 billion users visit YouTube every month, and each day people watch above a billion hours of video and generate billions of views.  It’s very important to make quality videos and content for YouTube. Here we are going to discuss how we can make our video viral on YouTube. It’s all about the first 3 seconds of every digital video! If you don’t hook your viewers in the first 3 seconds then be ready to lose your viewers forever. There are a lot of videos in the market to compete with. With so much content online, people have become so prickyin selecting what is and isn’t worth their precious time.

Do you want your viewers to watch your product video and buy your product?

Then you need to grip them in the first 3 seconds.

But why the first 3 seconds? Why can’t it be the first 10 or 15 seconds?

Let’s find out…

  • Shrinking Attention Plans

Detailed studies prove that the attention span of a human has decreased to 8.25 seconds from 12 seconds. Internet is growing every day, it’s tremendously huge and filled with alternatives. If the customer is not instantly pleased with your YouTube video, they have millions of other alternatives to watch. With the expansion of the internet, it’s very difficult to catch the attention of the customer. Testing different video marketing strategies to see what works for your business is always good in this internet era.

  • Hooking the Viewers

If not hooked, your customers are going to click the back button and forget about your brand forever.

But how to hook a viewer?

Speaking directly to them is one of the ways to hook up your viewers. Answering their queries and letting them know that you have what they are looking for can make them admirers of your brand. If you could express this within the first 3 seconds of your YouTube video, then boom your viewers are hooked.

Nowadays, the internet has been acting as an entertainment platform for everyone. Hence, simply giving information would be less to attract your customers. Keeping your viewers entertained with good animation, attractive music, a catchy story, and bright colors can help make your viewers watch your video fully.

  • Setting the Tone

When someone clicks the play button of your video, they have their expectations in their mind. The first thing they see as soon as they click the play button is going to be their impression of your brand. If they don’t like what they see in the first 3 seconds, then they are going to leave your brand behind. All that you can do to stop this from happening is by setting the right tone of your video as clearly as possible.

The 3 main ways to set the tone of your video are visuals, music, and voice.

  • Visuals

The video you release should match the style of your brand. This is done to make your customers understand that, this particular video is from you. Making use of your brand’s color, style, and the most important factor: The logo. Using these in your video can make understand that it’s from your brand and this may keep customers a bit longer.

  • Music

We don’t think much about music while watching a video be it a short explainer video or even a film. Truly speaking, music plays a great role in creating the atmosphere of the video. When you watch horror movies you turn of the volume when you feel it insanely scary. But when the video is on mute, you don’t feel much scared. This example proofs the importance of music in a video. The music you give for your video should match the tone of the message which you intend to convey.

  • Tone

Your video is the voice of your company. This means the video should match not only the styles of the company but also should match the tone of your company. This particular video has to convey the same message your other marketing collateral speaks.

  • Arise Curiosity

3 seconds is very less, but if you know what you are doing then, 3 seconds is just enough for you to give a spark of curiosity in the viewer’s mind. Setting up a situation that your customer can relate to or beginning the video with a question that your customer wanted to know can all help you to make people watch your videos more. These steps are very crucial as to gain customers for your brand you have to make them watch your videos to the fullest.


  • An Emotional Response

People are more to emotions than rational thinking. Some commonly used emotions that can trigger your customers are fear and trust. One of the best ways to increase brand engagement is cracking the correct emotion. Giving an emotional touch to your video within the 3 seconds would hook your customer. The key to a successful emotional video is not overdoing it. The correct amount of emotions added to your video and effectively presented in the first 3 seconds can drove the customers towards your brand.

  • People and Animals to your advantage

People are obsessed with seeing animals presented cutely. People get drawn towards such cute animals and also towards the presence of other people. It doesn’t matter what they do chatting, laughing, reading, or even sleeping. People just get attracted to people and also animals on-screen. Hence showing them within the 3 seconds can help you capture customer’s attention to a great extend.

  • Unpredicted 3 seconds

People always get attracted to new thoughts and ideas. If people come to know what the whole video is about in the first 3 seconds, then you are fighting a losing battle. Different kinds of creativity put excitement. Getting ideas from others is not a bad idea. Whether it’s a new animation or twist, creative and unpredicted 3 seconds can give you move viewers for your videos.

For many social platforms, the maximum time to get the attention of customers is 5 seconds. But on some, you have just the first 3 seconds. With the growing internet, the importance of digital video has also increased. To give you some inspiration as a digital marketing company, we have brought to you the above-mentioned information about the importance of the first 3 seconds of a digital video.

In this competitive economic world, the value of videos for brands has increased tremendously. Every business group uses videos for marketing. Attracting customers within 3 seconds is not as tough as it seems to be. With a great plan, you can hook your customers to watch the full video and increase your brand visibility. The value of your content is visible within the first 3 seconds of your video and increases with the duration. So if you want to grab the viewer’s attention then be ready to make your first 3 seconds the best.


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