Track you YouTube growth with these important metrics!

Track you YouTube growth with these important metrics!

by Sraddha November 11, 2020
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Why is video content so important?

If you are a person who is thinking of including video content as part of your marketing strategy, then YouTube is definitely going to help you attain more reach and visibility with your video content! Did you know that YouTube stands second to Google in terms of getting the highest number of searches! This factor itself is an indicator that reflects how much YouTube can boost your visibility if properly utilized. As one of the top YouTube marketing companies in Kochi, Kerala, we are going to explain a few of the most important metrics that can give a big boost to your YouTube growth! In order for your YouTube video content to improve its performance and to grow on the platform, it is very essential for you to follow these metrics:

But before moving on to that, let us give you a brief introduction on what exactly METRICS means.

Social media marketing company in Kochi Kerala

METRICS can be termed as the average individual measurements of factors such as media engagement, user activity, ad performance, etc. YouTube Analytics and metrics can help you monitor and improve your channel’s and video content’s performance! Thus, they are indeed the key performance indicators of your content. To put in simple words, Metrics are the perfect guide that will lead you always to a better space! Here do we present to you the top trending metrics for YouTube growth that are recommended by the top Social Media Marketing Company in Kochi:


It is a well-known fact that the rate of video views is an important metric that defines the performance of your video. But views alone will not be of very much help to you when it comes to the process of analyzing and improving your video content. This is why it is considered very important for you to give more focus on Watch time along with the rate of video views. Analyzing the average watch time of your video content is one of the key metrics that support YouTube’s algorithm. If you are still wondering if this factor of metrics is important enough, let us reveal the most vital reason for giving emphasis to Watch time- There exists an entire section of YouTube’s Analytics Dashboard allocated for the YouTube algorithm.

There you go! Nothing left to stop you from giving more emphasis to the analysis of Watch time. A very low average watch time for your video contents is a sure indicator of the poor performance of your video. Thus if your video contents are receiving low watch time on YouTube, you better add some more quality content and improvise on your video to give it a boost!


Of all the video content that you have uploaded on your YouTube channel, there would be certain videos that are most popular when compared to the rest! You will be able to view such most popular videos by visiting your YouTube page and select the filter of “most popular videos”. This act will help you identify the most popular videos of your YouTube channel, and thus give you an insight into how you should improvise your content and quality for future uploads. The content that you have put forth on your “most popular video” has of course gained popularity, which is an indicator of the viewers liking your content. Therefore your most popular videos reflect the interest of viewers! You can try to make more content related to what you have done on your most popular video.

This metric analysis will surely help you to create video contents that viewers will love to watch! This particular metric will also help you view your competitor’s most popular videos! Your competitors will surely be having the same audience as you and having the chance to assess your competitor’s most popular videos will give you an idea of how to create viewer-friendly and attention-seeking video content!

  • Identify the channel through which your viewers are coming from

You might be getting very little of a very large number of views for your video content on YouTube. It is very essential for you to identify the source from which your viewers are coming from. It is considered essential as these metrics can help you identify which source of traffic is more beneficial to your YouTube videos. You can easily access the information regarding your traffic source from YouTube Analytics Panel. You will be able to find an option titled Traffic Sources in YouTube Analytics Panel which will present you with the data on where exactly do your viewers find your video contents.

These metrics not only help you to understand which traffic source is more beneficial for your entire YouTube channel, but also for each individual video upload that you have done. You can build your online media marketing strategy by relying on the data provided by these metrics and build a wider platform to receive more inbound traffic, views, visibility, and thus popularity!

  • Audience demographic:

Demographic as we all know is a very important factor when it comes to understanding your audience. Demographic insights will help you understand and analyze who all are consuming your video based on your viewer’s gender, device, age, geographical findings, etc. This metric is indeed a very highly beneficial one as it helps you understand your audience better than any other way.

If your audience demographic states that are Men from an age group of 18-25 from America that views your content the most, you will have an idea of what exactly your audience will be wishing to see in a video. Thus you will be able to create your video content in relation to the likes and interests of your audience. You can also make further use of these demographic metrics to create more audience-friendly video content in the future! You can also target your ad campaigns on a particular place or age group with the help of the audience demographic that you receive for your videos.

  • Engagement

Maximum engagement for your videos is a direct boost to your YouTube channel’s visibility and popularity. It is through the rate of subscriptions, likes, comments, and shares that engagement is measured on YouTube.  Engagement thus is a prime factor of YouTube’s algorithm. Therefore, it is vital for you to analyze and find an effective engagement formula to receive more visibility for your content on YouTube. You can replicate the same formula to produce more content and to be used in all your video content, thus device a pattern that accommodates the interests of your audience and potential viewers.

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