Want your website to rank on Google? Remove these 8 things from your website and see the result

Want your website to rank on Google? Remove these 8 things from your website and see the result

by Sraddha April 24, 2020
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It is the dream for each and every person who owns a website to get ranked higher on Google as it will increase their visibility. The search results that come on top of the page are only considered relevant by the users. People are not at all interested to take a look at the search results that come after the first few pages.

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Hence, it is essential to make sure that your website is ranked higher on Google.

As among the best SEO company in Kochi, it is our responsibility to show you a better path.  Hence we present a list of 8 things that you could remove from your website to get it ranked on Google:

Unwanted and irrelevant Ads: 

Many people tend to allow ads to be shown on their websites so that they could earn additional income from that. But at times it can evolve as a threat to the ranking of your website as it tends to increase your site’s page weight and hence loading time will also take more time.

The hindrance created by these Ads might also lead to bad user experience.  It is okay to have Ads on your website. It is the right placing of the ads that matter. The ads that are to be allowed on your website should be in blend with your webpage throughout.

Make sure the ads don’t seem too crazy or dilemmatic.

  • Outdated contents:

“Aren’t the contents on the website getting a little old?”, You might have asked yourselves this question a couple of times. Taking the effort to check and clarify whether the contents are up to date will surely help your website to decrease the bounce rate.

Your website is ranked as a whole by Google and not as single individual pages. Hence updating every single page of your website would obviously result in a positive boost.

But then also, updating all the pages on a website and is a complex and time-consuming task. So what you have to do is- Update the pages that had been receiving a good amount of traffic and remove the rest from the website!

  • Irrelevant internal links/ Backlinks:

Owing to the evolution of the SEO world during the past few years, toxic backlinks are more probably have a negative effect on your website now than they had ever before.

Never go on stuffing your website with irrelevant links leading to tons of rich texts. Giving emphasis on what people are interested in, and provide links in such a way that they lead to better user experience.

  • Automatically generated content:

Google seems to have very little or no interest in low-quality content and is inclined to bring down websites having those in SERP. Contents that are produced programmatically according to a particular set of rules are called automatically generated content. What makes them detested is less human involvement and the presence of unoriginal content.

If your site remains as NOT “user-friendly” because of the automatically generated content, it is less likely for Google to favor your site.

  • Pages with thin content:

Pages with thin content tend to be not ranked by Google as pages with more meaningful and “info-inclined” content seems to what Google prefers.

Answering any questions or queries in mere 200 words are considered to provide little or no information to the users and hence remain incomplete and useless.

Google will not find it very interesting to rank your website if it contains already repeated content only.

So, this is what you could do if your website has such page  issues:

  1. Update your page and convert it in such a way that it possess in-depth ‘first hand’ info.
  2. Redirect the users to another page wherein the required information in-depth is provided.


  •  Intrusive pop-ups

Almost all the webpages would be having pop-ups. Make sure that those pop-ups are product/brand related so that it won’t affect general customer experience.

It is indeed okay to have them and there are ways to blend them with your website so that it won’t be having a negative impact on SEO:

  1. Try to add ‘exit pop-ups’ so that it won’t disturb the customer experience. They won’t be very much offended of an exit popup as compared with the others.
  2. Intrusiveness is something that is not appreciated by the people. Hence, you could try to collect leads through pop-ups without being intrusive.
  • Duplicate content:

Duplicate content refers to a set of contents that have been copied or are very similar to one another. Negatively, of course, is how it affects your Google ranking. Having duplicate content, to an extent, is natural and at times unavoidable.

Loss of ranking of your pages is what that awaits your website if you keep on promoting duplicate contents.

  • Spammy backlinks:

The quality of backlinks provided on your website plays an important role in Google ranking your page. Google is said to evaluate all the link sources present on your website. Hence it is better to remove/block spammy bad links as it might lead your website to drop rankings.


Your website may confront several obstacles that can withhold it from achieving ranked by Google. The above-mentioned topics are just a few among the reasons and in order for you to convert your website into one of the best, we at TGI technologies, the best SEO agency in Kerala are very much willing to provide our assistance at all levels.

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