How to improve local SEO ranking on Google search?

How to improve local SEO ranking on Google search?

by Swetha September 11, 2021
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To create better rankings for your website on search engines search engine optimization has become a necessity when it comes to digital marketing. If you want your brand to get a better reach, investing in SEO will always help.

But it is a fact that most people search online to look for local businesses. Like, most of us search on Google for example, “restaurants near me” or “mobile services nearby” etc. This is because everyone wants to find a good business but it should also be convenient or in other words within a certain region. This is why it is important to improve your local SEO ranking on Google search.

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What is local SEO?

Improving the ranking of the web page of your brand on local searches on Google is what makes local SEO different from that of regular SEO. If your business provides its service to a particular region or geographical area local SEO can be of your benefit.

So if any customer searches for products or services related to what you provide along with your location in specific, with local SEO your website comes on top of the Google search results. With the coming of mobile phones, the internet, and GPS, local SEO has become extremely important for the successful growth of a lot of businesses across the world.

People will always search for services or businesses within their reach where they are comfortable. As local SEO helps to attract the maximum local audience it can be beneficial for your brand if you are the owner of a small-scale business

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Here are a few ways that can help your brand improve its local SEO:

  • Create a GMB Account

The first step of your local search engine optimization strategy is to create a Google My Business account. Claiming and optimizing your listing or in other words, your business profile is one of the few effective ways to improve your ranking.

For this, it is mandatory that you provide the essential details regarding your business as per requirements. The details you provide should be up to date. This includes the accurate and correct business name, address of your office or store, correct location, phone number for contact, and your website.

After your verification, you can also provide additional details like photos and pictures of your products or the office surroundings, the logo of your brand, working hours, and any other relevant information regarding the business you do.

Also posting regular content about your services and products to keep your audience updated is an important factor to optimize your Google My Business account.

  • Mobile friendly optimization of the website

We all prefer convenience in everything, which is why nowadays most people carry smart[phones instead of using their desktops. Mobile is the most common device used to find local businesses that function nearby.  So you have to make sure that your website is smartphone-friendly.

It is only obvious that almost everyone does their local searches that is to find businesses nearby only using their mobile phones.

Also, add a call option in your Google My Business profile as many customers can contact businesses through phone calls to make quick inquiries. If you do this, it will be more convenient for your customers and they will get exactly the information they need.

  • Get regular and positive reviews from your customers

It is a known fact that positive reviews help in increasing the reach of your business. If you want to check out a particular product or service for the first time, naturally you will ask someone else who has done the same before making your choice. This is why reviews are important.

Encouraging your customers to post their views and their experience with your company, especially positive ones. Also, reply to their reviews and thank them as they took the time to write a good one for you. This way your audience would trust you while making their choice. No one will be interested in a business with low reviews.

So it is important to collect plenty of reviews from your satisfied customers that can help you increase your reach and above all bring up your company reputation.

  • Create content that is based locally

Another strategy in local search engine optimization is posting regular and fresh content that the local audience can relate to. This is one way that can help to grab the attention of the audience within the community or locality.

Writing content on local events, stories, and others that your local audience might be interested in along with pictures and videos to enhance it.

If your business has multiple locations, create a local webpage for each location featuring content that is based exclusively on the local audience. This way you get ranked better for different branches.

  • Give more attention to keywords

Content creation and writing blogs for your website to get better ranks but keywords in these contents are much more important.

Especially when it comes to local customers, keywords are essential. Using locally relevant keywords is the strategy that is to be applied over here. Applying keywords including a particular location can also work.

People might search for a service in a particular location. For example “furniture shops in MG Road” so using such specific keywords that your local audience may use helps your brand get better reach.

  • A web page for each product

This is a useful strategy to create a unique web page for each product or service you provide. So if you provide multiple web pages not only for products but also the different locations where your company branches.

So these are some of the strategies to boost your local SEO on Google. Do contact us as we are the best SEO Company in Cochin, Kerala.

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